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10 Reasons Why the Entire Country Should be Thankful for North Carolina North Carolina

Ever wonder what would happen if one of the United States was removed. Would we miss anything that state had to offer even if we’d never personally been there? Here are 10 reasons why the other 49 states should be thankful for North Carolina.

  1. NC takes a bite out of America’s shark attacks

    Great White Shark Air Jaws

    2015 set a new record for shark attacks in the United States. Apart from Florida, North Carolina suffered the greatest number of shark attacks. Thankfully, none of these attacks proved fatal. The remaining states can be grateful they didn’t make this top ranking.

  2. Largest producer of sweet potatoes in the US

    Sweet-potato lovers can thank North Carolina for the state’s abundance of this delicious superfood. Next time you substitute sweet potato fries you may want to thank your Carolina farmers.

  3. Invention of the function Crtl+Alt+Delete

    Just imagine a world without the Ctrl+Alt+Delete function… think of all the unnecessary frustration that would be present in your life. Let us direct our thanks to David Bradley who invented this miraculous key combination in the Research Triangle Park .

  4. Home of the Krispy Kreme

    If you haven’t yet tipped your hat to the state of North Carolina, you certainly will upon discovering these glazed halos are native to NC. Hot and ready and born in the South!

  5. Aviation was made possible in NC

    The Wright brothers engineered the first practical fixed-wing airplane just outside of Kitty Hawk, NC. With approximately 8 million people flying around the world every day, we have a lot to thank these Carolina based brothers.

  6. NC contains the large beer garden in the world

    With over 366 individual taps of beer, the Raleigh Beer Garden is the largest beer garden in the world. Beer from across the nation is represented in this three-story garden. Cheers NC!

  7. Source of putt putt miniature golf

    Oh mini-golf, with your synthetic grass, paint chipped obstacles, and over-dyed ponds, you’ve been there for us all. Where else would we have gone for our awkward middle school dates and matching-t shirt vacations? The magic of putt putt can be traced back to the first course in Fayetteville, NC.

  8. Home of Pepsi and Cheerwine

    If you love these fizzy soft drinks, then you’re bound to love NC just a little more! North Carolina proudly serves as home to both Pepsi and the distinct Cheerwine.

  9. Creation of Vicks VapoRub

    Pharmacist, Lunsford Richardson concocted this favored cold remedy in Greensboro back in the 1890’s. Now used to treat acne, stretch marks, and other ailments, this simple remedy is found in medicine cabinets in all 50 states.

  10. Set location for TV shows: One Tree Hill, Under the Dome, Dawson’s Creek, and Sleepy Hollow

    North Carolina hosts a vast film industry serving as the backdrop for well liked TV shows and movies. North Carolina has aided in the creation of all 9 seasons of One Tree Hill and provided the grounds for Forrest Gump’s renowned run.

Carly Rutledge

Growing up in various states along the east coast, I've developed a love of all things local. I currently live in North Carolina and wouldn't move for anything! I love the beach, animals, and creating my own adventures. I encourage everyone to travel and never be afraid to fail.

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