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North Carolina

5 Dumb Laws in North Carolina You Didn’t Know Existed

Carly Rutledge



There are some absurd laws in our world. Some justifiable while others are undoubtedly crazy. We may wonder how well enforced these legislatures are and if in fact, they’re more than just old wive tales. Above all, we wonder about the people that prompted such dumb laws. Even North Carolina is not immune to this. Dumb laws in North Carolina prevail regardless of the fact that they are indeed, dumb. Keep reading to discover what dumb laws in North Carolina to look out for the next time you’re visiting.

1. It is Illegal to Serve Alcohol at a Bingo Game

Rosedale, MD -- 2011 -- Bill James, 80, of Rosedale, center, celebrates after winning $95 in a "full card" game, as his wife Mary James, 76, left, and friend Thelma Sutphin, 68, of Middle River, look on, at VFW Post 6506. The VFW Post wanted to hold casino nights with card games and roulette to raise more money, if the legislature approved an expansion of gambling. (Amy Davis / Baltimore Sun)
Bingo Night Rosedale, MD

That’s right, one of America’s most extreme games, Bingo is officially a dry sport in the state of North Carolina. According to the North Carolina Gambling Laws, it is illegal to play Bingo at any home or facility that retails alcoholic beverages. Sorry, Grandpa…

2. Businesses May Not Conduct Their Meetings While in Costume

MS Superhero Costume

Not ready to deliver that presentation on Monday? No problem, just show up in your favorite costume! As a superhero and law-abiding citizen, you deserve the day off!

3. You Can Get a DWI on a Horse, Bicycle, Tractor, or Electric Scooter


Finding horse-friendly bars isn’t always easy in NC metropolitan areas, but this law sure does make it difficult for the elderly to have a night out drinking. At least Uber drivers may prosper as a result of this state legislation.

4. In Rocky Mount, NC, You Must Pay a Property Tax on Your Dog


“A dog is mans’ best friend”, when was the last time you paid a tax on your friend? Luckily, this law is exclusive to the town of Rocky Mount which is governed by cats.

5. It is Against the Law to Rollerblade on a State Highway

Rollerblading to the Office

As if these laws aren’t making life hard enough; we now have to adjust our daily commutes! Going green just became a bit more difficult. Not to worry, rollerskating is still totally legal.

So, the next time you’re visiting, just be prepared to not break any of these dumb laws in North Carolina. Unless of course, you want a great story to tell friends (though we’re not advocating breaking the law or anything).