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North Carolina

These 6 Amazing Views of the North Carolina Skyline Will Blow You Away



With so much natural beauty lurking in North Carolina, it’s not difficult to uncover a breathtaking panoramic view. Sunsets and storms light up the sky above the mountainous regions, cities, and beaches. But, acquiring a skyline view isn’t always easily achievable. Here are 6 amazing views of the North Carolina skyline that will also make you fall in love with the state.

1. Charlotte From Above

cdn.c.photoshelter.com/img-get/I00009QE2ePn4fL8/s/750/750/Charlotte-North-Carolina-Skyline-309.jpg Charlotte Photographer - Patrick SchneiderPhoto.com

A glimpse of Charlotte from above shows the Carolina Panther’s Bank of America Stadium, the “martini building” as well as other skyscrapers in North Carolina’s largest city.

2. NewBridge Bank Park


The view of this stadium is a bit different than you may experience sitting in the bleachers. A clear afternoon North Carolina skyline shows off Greensboro’s stadium and city.

3. Asheville at Dusk


This North Carolina skyline seems to unravel in layers as you can clearly view Asheville’s growing city, the Blue Ridge Mountains, as well as the incredible parting sky.

4. Cape Fear in Wilmington


A bit closer to sea-level, this photograph captures a stormy night in downtown Wilmington above the Cape Fear River. This is definitely the most dramatic North Carolina skyline picture on this list.

5. Lights on in Greensboro


Greensboro may not be North Carolina’s largest city, but it sure seems the brightest from this view! With skylines like this one, Greensboro is also truly a beautiful city to photograph.

6. Charlotte Under the Rainbow


Lastly, this final North Carolina skyline photograph of Charlotte captures an incredible view of the city beneath a stunning rainbow. This lucky photographer was indeed in the right place at the right time.

North Carolina’s beauty is truly unmatched. From the natural landscapes to the metropolitan areas, this state will not disappoint visitors and residents alike. So, what don’t wait any longer, pack up your photography gear and head over to North Carolina today!