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These 6 Towns In North Carolina Have The Strangest Names You’ll Ever See. North Carolina

North Carolina is home to some strange town names. And we’re not the only ones who think so. In some regions, street signs include GPS trackers because they are so frequently stolen. Keep reading to discover six towns in NC with the strangest names!

  1. Horneytown

    Welcome to Horneytown, USA! Located in Forsyth County, Horneytown was named after the early settlers Horney family.

  2. Whynot

    The name of this town may sound like a last resort…and it pretty much was! During the 18th century, residents gathered to name their district and chose “Whynot” after a local posed the question, “why not name the town Whynot and let’s go home?”.

  3. Lizard Lick


    About 20 miles east of Raleigh is the community known as “Lizard Lick”. The name came from a passerby-er who witnessed several lizards on a rail fence sunning and licking themselves.

  4. Meat Camp

    Named after a meat packing house used during the Revolutionary War, Meat Camp is now an unincorporated community in Watauga County.

  5. Boogertown

    Boogertown was given its name after Moonshiners in Gaston County spread rumors that the Boogeyman roamed the nearby forests.

  6. Climax

    The town was originally named for its high elevation, but locals and tourists find the name to be amusing for alternative reasons.

Carly Rutledge

Growing up in various states along the east coast, I've developed a love of all things local. I currently live in North Carolina and wouldn't move for anything! I love the beach, animals, and creating my own adventures. I encourage everyone to travel and never be afraid to fail.

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