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North Carolina

Here are 8 things North Carolina is Most Famous For



Regardless if you’ve never stepped foot outside the North Carolina border, or have traveled to the polar side of the world, North Carolina will always have the hearts of those who consider it home. Some of the strongest bonds to North Carolina are intangible connections which can only be experienced individually. But many of the things North Carolina is famous for are also known to many around the country. Here are 8 things that answer the question: what is North Carolina famous for?

1. The People in North Carolina Are Like Family

The people in North Carolina are friendly as they hug and hold onto each other.

Living in the south or even simply just passing through, you’ll come to understand that southern hospitality is more than just a stranger’s smile and an overly-friendly waitress.

2. The Sea is Only a Short Drive Away

North Carolina is famous for their beaches like this one with a blue convertible driving on it.

It’s difficult to think of a more serene place than by the sea. No matter where you live in North Carolina, the beach is only a drive away.

3. There is Always Something Fun to Celebrate


From the Azalea Festival to the BBQ Festival, it seems as though there is something to celebrate in North Carolina every week! Who doesn’t love a reason to rejoice with family and friends.

4. You Can Go Out to Eat and Enjoy a Home-Cooked Meal


No, we’re not talking going out to Micky Dee’s for a burger. With so many Ma and Pop restaurants in North Carolina, you can always enjoy a home-cooked meal without the hassle of dishes! Also, the barbecue is to die for!

5. North Carolina is Famous for its Incredible Wildlife


Where else can you sunbathe next to a family of wild ponies? Also, there are a lot of unique and dangerous animals to be found everywhere in the state.

6. The Most Breathtaking Sunsets


Wherever you are in the world, the sun will never seem to set quite the same as it does in North Carolina.

7. The Best Craft Beer in the Country


North Carolina’s premium craft beer set the standards pretty high. North Carolina is especially famous for its barbecue, but the crazy good amount of craft beer coming out of the state just can’t be beaten.

8. There are a Plethora of Endless Adventures


There’s a reason NC is among the three most popular states… there is always something to do!

The endless adventures NC offers have led locals to explore outside their home state. But no matter where in the world we may venture, our hearts will forever lay in North Carolina.