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These 7 North Carolina Rainbows Captured Will Leave You Speechless




Rainbows are often regarded as a symbol of hope, luck, and spirituality. The reflection and dispersion of light that is a rainbow is undoubtedly beautiful. With its white sandy beaches, the Blue Ridge Mountains, as well as gorgeous city skylines, North Carolina provides an incredible backdrop for this natural wonder. Here are 7 breathtaking photos of North Carolina rainbows.

1. Outer Banks Rainbow and Wild Pony

A pony in the Outer Banks in North Carolina under a rainbow.

Beautifully depicting the tranquility of the Outer Banks, this photograph captures a clear image of a rainbow and a wild pony by the sea in Corolla, North Carolina.

2. Rainbow Falls

Appropriately titled Rainbow Falls, this waterfall in the western part of the North Carolina country frequently projects rainbows due to its unusual geology. This magical place has been used as a filming location for many TV shows as well as movies.

3. Raleigh Sunset

Raleigh, North Carolina framed by two rainbows.

A sunset skyline of North Carolina’s capital city was beautifully interrupted by a huge double rainbow arched over the city. This fisheye lens is perfect for capturing beautiful rainbows.

4. Blue Ridge Mountains Sunrise and Rainbow

Competing with the stunning sunrise in the Blue Ridge Mountains is an equally stunning rainbow hovering above the clouds. Mother nature is preparing for a glorious day!

5. Wrightsville Beach Rainbow

Not a bad day for the beach, huh? This vibrant rainbow in Wrightsville Beach hovers over Johnnie Mercer’s Pier at the North end. The way this rainbow appears in the distance makes it look like a planet emerging in the sky.

6. Outer Banks Double Rainbow

North Carolina rainbows in the Outer Banks.

A summer night on the shore of the Outer Banks is the perfect time and place to witness majestic North Carolina rainbows. This amazing rainbow is bright as well as beautiful.

7. Charlotte Rainbow Separating the Clouds

Charlotte Rainbow Separating the Clouds.

Appearing as a dome over North Carolina’s largest city, this rainbow seems to be repelling the clouds from entering Charlotte. The dome also frames Charlotte like a gorgeous snowglobe.

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