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North Carolina

These 5 Swimming Holes In North Carolina are a Must Visit

Carly Rutledge



Feel like a kid again this summer by taking the plunge into any of these incredible natural swimming holes in North Carolina. Enjoy a refreshingly cool dip beneath the falls. Relax in an inner tube. Or you can even slide down a sloping boulder on your butt. Just make sure to kick off your shoes and hold your nose as you make your biggest splash this summer in one or all of these swimming holes in North Carolina.

1. Skinny Dip Falls


No, you don’t have to wear your birthday suit to enjoy a dip in this swimming hole! Skinny Dip Falls is ideal for those seeking a secluded soak without the multi-mile hike. Located just half a mile walk from the Blue Ridge Parkway overlook, Skinny Dip is easily accessible.

2. Sliding Rock


Kids and adults alike are welcome to enjoy the 60-foot slippery journey into a very cool pool of water at Sliding Rock in the Pisgah National Forest. A natural waterslide, Sliding Rock is propelled by 11,000 gallons of rushing water every minute!

3. Lake Lure


For a more relaxing swim, pack up your towels, sunscreen, and umbrella and make your way to Lake Lure. Wade in the water that set the scene for Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey’s lift scene in Dirty Dancing. 

4. Elk River Falls


Located in the Pisgah National Forest along with Sliding Rock, the Elk River Falls is a favored spot for swimming as well as tanning on the smooth rock faces. Just be careful not to climb the face of the waterfall or dive from the cliff as this can have fatal results.

5. White Lake


White Lake in Bladen County is the perfect swimming spot for those who like to see what lays in the water beneath their feet. The white sand and still clear water allow swimmers to see to the bottom of this 15-foot deep lake.

So, when you’re in North Carolina in the spring or summer months, make sure to discover and swim in one of these swimming holes in North Carolina.