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North Carolina

Here Are 5 Restaurants Offering Food Challenges in North Carolina

Carly Rutledge



Ask any Carolinian what they love about North Carolina and they’re certain to mention the state’s mouth-watering cuisine. Sure, we southerners love our shrimp n grits and chicken and waffles, but when it comes to food challenges, even some of the locals are in the dark. Local restaurants offering food challenges in North Carolina are great for every taste bud. Best of all, your meal is free if you can finish the whole thing!

1. 40″ Team Pizza Challenge, Black Mountain Mill


Weighing in at 15 pounds, this 40-inch loaded pizza costs $150, unless of course you and your partner can finish it! The stakes are as high as the toppings when it comes to this team contest. If you and your friend are able to eat the entire pie within an hour, your meal is free, your names are added to the Black Mountain Mill wall of fame, and you will receive a $1,000 cash prize!

2. Mt. Mitchell Burger, Pack’s Tavern


Meet the Mt. Mitchell Burger, named after the mountain it was born upon this burger puts the Whopper to shame. Sandwiched between a 10-inch locally baked bun rests a hearty 32-ounce beef patty topped with 16 jalapenos, eight bacon strips, and four fried eggs. This gut-bomb is sure to leave you feeling full for days! And the best part, it’s free if you can eat it all!

3. El Papi Grande Burrito, El Cerro Grande


For many, finishing a full-size burrito is challenging enough, but not to the daring souls who tackle the El Papi Grande Burrito. This 7.5-pound burrito is filled with various meats and vegetables then topped with tomatoes, lettuce, sauce, sour cream, and guacamole. Successfully consuming this $28 burrito in less than an hour means you can leave with a full belly and wallet!

4. Pho Challenge, I Love Pho


Several customers underestimate the pho contest, but this 6-pound bowl of pho rightfully deserves its challenge title. The gigantic 6-pound bowl of pho is made from 2 pounds of noodles, 2 pounds of beef, and plenty of broth. The pho is to be consumed by one person within a 1-hour time limit. Finishing the bowl of pho within the allowed time frame earns you a free meal, t-shirt, and your picture on the wall of fame.

5. Morgan’s 25 Scoop Big Cow Pile Challenge, Morgan’s Dairy Bar & Calf-A


It’s doubtful anyone has room for dessert after these challenges but just in case you do, Morgan’s Dairy Bar & Calf-A in Lincoln town are sure to give you the ultimate ice cream challenge. The sundae, a t-shirt, and your picture on the wall of fame are all yours if you can finish the 4.5-pound sundae. To successfully complete this challenge, you must individually eat all 25 scoops and toppings within 30 minutes.

Food challenges have become an American past time. One I hope never changes. There is just something unique about the experience and pride associated with taking on these food challenges in North Carolina.

So, dig in, and Bon Appetite!