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10 Things People from Oklahoma Find Highly Offensive




Welcome to the Sooner State, where the skies are big, the winds are strong, and the hearts are as warm as fresh frybread! But before you saddle up and join the rodeo, there are a few things you definitely shouldn’t bring up at the hoedown. From disrespecting our Native American heritage to dissing our devotion to college football, here’s a lighthearted rundown of 10 things that might just leave you feeling as lost as a tumbleweed on Route 66.

Disparaging remarks about their state’s heritage

Oklahoma has a rich and diverse cultural heritage, including Native American, cowboy, and pioneer traditions. Disrespecting or belittling Oklahoma’s heritage can be offensive to those who take pride in their state’s history and culture.

Mocking their accents or speech patterns

Like many Southern states, Oklahoma has its own distinct accent and speech patterns. Mocking or imitating these accents in a derogatory manner can be seen as disrespectful and dismissive of the state’s linguistic diversity.

Assuming all Oklahomans are farmers or ranchers

While agriculture is an important part of Oklahoma’s economy, not all residents are farmers or ranchers. Assuming that all Oklahomans fit this stereotype can be dismissive of the state’s diverse industries and occupations.

Insensitivity towards Native American culture

Oklahoma has a large Native American population and a rich Indigenous heritage. Disrespecting or appropriating Native American culture, such as wearing sacred symbols as fashion accessories or misrepresenting cultural practices, can be offensive to Native Americans and their allies.

Disrespecting their love for college football

College football is a big deal in Oklahoma, particularly with the intense rivalry between the University of Oklahoma Sooners and the Oklahoma State University Cowboys. Disrespecting or mocking this passion for college football can be seen as insulting and offensive to devoted fans.

Assuming all Oklahomans are politically conservative

Oklahoma is often associated with conservative politics, but it also has a diverse political landscape with residents holding a range of political beliefs. Assuming that all Oklahomans are politically conservative can be dismissive of individual perspectives and contributions to political discourse.

Insensitivity towards tornadoes and severe weather

Oklahoma is prone to tornadoes and severe weather events, which can have devastating consequences for residents. Making jokes or downplaying the seriousness of these natural disasters can be offensive to those who have experienced their effects firsthand.

Disrespecting their religious beliefs

Religion plays a significant role in many Oklahomans’ lives, and mocking or disrespecting someone’s religious beliefs is deeply offensive to them. Whether Christian or of another faith, Oklahomans value their religious beliefs and expect them to be treated with respect.

Assuming all Oklahomans are uneducated or backward

Like residents of any other state, Oklahomans come from diverse backgrounds and have a wide range of experiences and education levels. Assuming that all Oklahomans are uneducated or backward is both inaccurate and disrespectful.

Dismissing their pride in being “Okies”

The term “Okie” has a complex history, but many Oklahomans embrace it as a term of pride and identity. Dismissing or belittling their pride in being “Okies” can be offensive to those who see it as a symbol of resilience and strength in the face of adversity.

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