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Here are 17 Slang Terms You’ll Only Understand if you’re from Oklahoma



Howdy, readers! Oklahoma, the heartland of America, is not just known for its sweeping plains and friendly folks; it has a rich tapestry of slang that reflects the state’s unique culture. In this exploration, we’re diving into 17 slang terms you’ll only truly grasp if you call the Sooner State home, from the spirited cheers of “Boomer Sooner” to the affectionate use of “Bless Your Heart.” So, buckle up and join us on a linguistic journey through the charm and character of Oklahoma slang!

Boomer Sooner

Refers to a University of Oklahoma student, alumni, or fan. It’s part of the “Boomer Sooner” chant associated with the university.

Cowboy Up

An expression encouraging someone to toughen up or face a challenge head-on, reflecting the state’s cowboy culture.


Polite way to say cow poop.


A Southern and Oklahoman term for “you all” or “you guys,” commonly used in everyday conversation.

Okie Dokie

An expression of agreement or confirmation, often used in a casual and friendly manner.

Tornado Bait

A playful or self-deprecating term used by Oklahomans to refer to themselves due to the state’s tornado-prone weather.

Thunder Up

Proud to chant this all the way to Seattle and back! Our state’s rockin professional basketball team.

Mickey Mantle’s

Slang for money or cash, named after the famous baseball player Mickey Mantle who was born in Oklahoma.

The Panhandle

Refers to the northwestern part of the state, which is a narrow strip of land extending out like a panhandle.

Bless Your Heart

A phrase used in a compassionate or sarcastic manner, common in Southern slang and often heard in Oklahoma.

Green Country

A nickname for the northeastern part of Oklahoma, known for its lush green landscape.

The Red

Short for the Red River, which forms part of the southern border of Oklahoma.

The 405

Refers to the area code for much of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, often used to describe that region.

Cherokee Strip

A term used to describe the Cherokee Outlet, a historical area in north-central Oklahoma.

Round Barn

Refers to the famous Round Barn in Arcadia, Oklahoma, a historic landmark on Route 66.

Okie Noodling

The practice of catching catfish using one’s bare hands, a popular and unique fishing tradition in Oklahoma.

Tornado Alley

While not a unique slang term, it’s frequently used in Oklahoma due to the state’s location in an area prone to tornadoes.

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