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Rhode Island

8 of the Most Beautiful Places to See in Rhode Island



The smallest state in America, or Little Rhody to its locals, is home to the country’s most amazing attractions. Rhode Island is packed with quaint little towns filled with rich histories, picture-perfect landscapes, and pristine beaches. A true paradise indeed, here are the most beautiful places to see in Rhode Island!

1. Block Island

Block Island, Rhode Island
Photo Credits: Elysian

 This small, laid-back town located ten miles offshore offers spectacular views of the sea and the horizons. Its original name was “Manisses” which translates to “Island of the Little God” before Adrian Block, a Dutch explorer changed it to its name today. There are quite a few places that you shouldn’t miss when visiting here.

You can go to the Victorian Southeast Lighthouse and be amazed to find out the story of how it was moved to keep from falling off the cliff. New Harbor is a place where you can relax and explore the different as well as the Mohegan Bluffs- a three-mile stretch of coastal cliffs with a towering drop to the ocean.

Don’t miss these:

  • A gorgeous beach awaits you should you decide to go down.
  • The 1867 North Lighthouse with its interpretative center is also one of the places you should go to.
  • Bird-watching enthusiasts also find this place perfect because of the over 200 species stopping by during the fall season.

2. WaterFire

WaterFire, Rhode Island
Photo Credits: WaterFire Providence

Happening several times during the entire year, the “Full WaterFire” is an event that is celebrated by the locals and the tourists in the town of Providence. It becomes one of the most beautiful places to see in Rhode Island throughout those few days.

During this event, people light up more than a hundred bonfires and place then in large iron pans in the center of the river. These fires are kept ablaze throughout the evening as families and friends stroll along the brick streets of Providence.

The over 2 hectare park turns into a festival of arts and music with lots of street performers and artists contributing to revive the town’s vibrant culture.

3. Herreshoff Marine Museum

Herreshoff Marine Museum, Rhode Island
Photo Credits: Marinas.com

The Herreshoff Marine Museum is a maritime museum built to celebrate the rich history of the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company and its greatest boat designs. Over the years, the company has designed models that have won America’s Cup from 1893 to 1934. The museum features prized yachts, restored boats, and videos of sailing and boat building. This globally known race, as well as the several water activities in the area, can be enjoyed by many, yacht enthusiasts or not.

4. Narragansett Bay Beaches

Narragansett Bay Beaches, Rhode Island
Photo Credits: Visit Rhode Island

This long stretch of fine white sand is sure to give you a wonderful time in Rhode Island. Here in the towns of Narragansett and South Kingston lies a string of public beaches that you can check out. There’s never a scarcity of this powdery sand because of a number of beach parks offering an experience you’ll never forget.

You may choose from several beaches such as East Matunuck State Beach, Roger W. Wheeler State Beach, Scarborough State Beach, and the Narragansett Town Beach. They all offer affordable lodging, restaurants, and shops that sell gears for the many activities you may try here.

5. Cliff Walk

Cliff Walk, Rhode Island
Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Newport’s Cliff walk remains to be a public walking path for the people of the town, despite the many efforts of the wealthy mansion owners to strip away access to this scenic route. Everyone who has passed through this pathway can attest to the spectacular view that it provides. You can also get a glimpse of the mansions and the gardens all facing the sea below. Some of the mansions that you can see while strolling are The Breakers and the exotic Tea House that just stands above the path.

6. Benefit Street Mile of History

Considered today as the most famous street in Rhode Island, the Benefit Street contains some of Providence’s most interesting architecture, beautiful gardens, family burial grounds, as well as old churches and period homes. Immerse yourself in the rich history of this town just by strolling along this brick-paved, mile-long street. It showcases exquisite attractions such as the Athenaeum, the John Brown House, and the Governor Stephen Hopkins house.

Walking tours of this vibrant neighborhood is available but you can also go by yourself as they hand out a booklet with all the details of this town, just pay a visit at the Providence Preservation Society. With all the great things that this town can offer, it truly deserves to be on the list of the most beautiful places to see in Rhode Island.

7. The Elms

The Elms, Rhode Island
Photo Credits: Trover

Mr. And Mrs. Edward Julius Berwind made The Elms their summer residence in the 1900s. Modeled after the 18th century French Chateau d’Asnieres, this opulent mansion features embellished rooms and halls, terraces with marble and bronze sculptures, a whole park of a fine species of trees, a sunken garden, fountains, and a lower garden with marble pavilions.

One major attraction here is the staircase in the foyer that has towering marble columns and iron railings that supports it. Although not as flamboyant as The Breakers, The Elms is marvelous in its own way. If you want to be amazed by this mansion and its inner workings, be sure to avail of the tours that are available all year round.

8. The Breakers

The Breakers, Rhode Island
Photo Credits: Flickr | 6SN7

Built to be a place of grandeur, The Breakers remains to be the most celebrated mansion in Newport. It was built in the 1890s by Cornelius Vanderbilt- a wealthy business magnate, to serve as his summer cottage. This Italian Renaissance showpiece has over 70 rooms, that includes a massive three-story dining hall.

Embellished with lavish decors, the Breakers is filled with marble columns, ceiling paintings, fine wood paneling, and carved ornaments. Making sure that no one stands a chance to outshine this beauty. Although not the whole mansion is up for tours, some parts like the kitchen and gardens are open for visitors.

From the glorious mansions in Newport to the picturesque landscapes of Bristol, there’s much to experience in this sprightly state. Don’t miss the historical festivals in Providence, not to mention the beautiful beaches of the state’s extensive shoreline. Visit the most beautiful places to see in Rhode Island if you want a taste of everything on your getaway!

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