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8 of the Most Beautiful Places to See in Texas



The Lone Star State is the second-largest state in America. With diverse settings and culture, it offers one of a kind attractions that you should see. Beaches, deserts, mountains, parks, entertainment centers are abundant in Texas, making it an ideal place for vacation. Need ideas on where to go? Read through our list of the most beautiful places to see in Texas!

1. San Antonio River Walk

San Antonio River Walk, Texas
Photo Credits: Flickr | Kevin

This attraction is stretched out several miles along the San Antonio River. Brimming with restaurants in an al fresco setting, you can enjoy your meal while looking at the boats passing by the river. Located in the heart of the city, the River Walk has become a popular tourist destination over the years.

If you’re not out to enjoy the delectable cuisine served by the restaurants, you may try to go on a cruise on a riverboat. It is definitely another way to enjoy one of the most beautiful places to see in Texas. These cruises run all year round and could even be set up into a dinner cruise for you and your loved one.

2. The Alamo

The Alamo, Texas
Photo Credits: Fodor’s Travel Guide

Built by the Franciscans in 1744, The Alamo is one of the most treasured historical sites in the United States. It was converted into a fort in 1836 to aid in the Texas Revolution. James Bowie and Davie Crockett were two brave men who fought and died for their country during the revolution.

They used the fort to be a barricade against the over 3,000 Mexican army soldiers. Today, the Alamo serves as a historic landmark of the revolution. You can also the museum inside with the exhibits that show the history of this landmark, as well as artifacts and weapons that were used then.

3. Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park, Texas
Photo Credits: Travel Sages

The Big Bend National Park is one of the most beautiful places to see in Texas. Located in the Chihuahuan Desert of West Texas, it separates the United States from Mexico. Big Bend offers a wide range of activities that everyone can enjoy. Outdoor enthusiasts will surely have the best time on the massive system of trails and camping and picnic grounds.

If you’re not into hiking, you may also enjoy the beauty of this place by paddling along the Rio Grande. Bird watching is also a known activity in the park, with over 500 species of birds casually flying around and resting in the canyon.

4. Space Center Houston

Space Center Houston, Texas
Photo Credits: Space Center Houston

One of the most beautiful places to see in Texas is also one of its most educational.

This technologically advanced center is a perfect place if you want to know about the world’s largest space program. Located just over 30 minutes from Houston, the Space Center Houston is undoubtedly a great achievement in the field of science and technology. Here, you can learn about the upcoming missions and projects of NASA, space exploration, and even meet an astronaut.

While here, you can also visit the Johnson Space Center and Mission Control which features a space shuttle replica.

Other features in the center include The Skylab – a replica of America’s first space station and a chance to touch a rock from the moon and Mars, as well as exhibits, astronaut-related artifacts, and experiments and latest developments of NASA.

5. Padre Island National Seashore

Padre Island is located just a quick drive south of Corpus Christi and spans over 70 miles. The world’s longest undeveloped barrier island is one of the most important conservation spots in the state. Consisting of over 50,000 hectares, Padre Island is home to sea turtles and a stop-over to many migratory birds, making it a perfect bird-watching paradise.

The best place to begin your visit to this wonderful region on the Gulf of Mexico is through the Malaquite Visitor Center. Here, you will have an overview of the entire area, the information you need before exploring. Make it educational as well by learning trivia about the Padre Island National Seashore!

6. Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas
Photo Credits: PeakVisor

The Guadalupe Mountains National Park is known for its abundance of wildlife and is the home of the four highest peaks in Texas. Located in about a hundred miles east of El Paso, in the northwestern corner of Texas lies this stunning landscape full of lush woods and grasslands.

The El Capitan peak sits atop of the mountain and is the highest elevation in the state. It may be a long hike up with over 80 miles, but it will surely give you a great reward for the spectacular view from above. Make a stop at the Pine Springs visitor center for the information you need about the park.

7. Galveston’s Beaches & Strand Historic District

Galveston's Beaches & Strand Historic District, Texas
Photo Credits: Afar Travel Guide

Galveston is one of the numerous spots along the Texas Golf with pristine beaches and amazing shorelines. The calm waves and shallow water is a reason why families and beachgoers come back here all year round. During the summer, fun games and activities are present by the shore, so make sure to not miss those!

Galveston is not just a beach town, it also home of the Strand Historic District. A National Historic Landmark District, it features a trip of Victorian-style mansion and old shops that give this town a unique character. You can also stop by the Moody Gardens and Aquarium, a huge complex with its glass pyramids. It features a rainforest and an amusement park, which adds charm to one of the most beautiful places to see in Texas!

8. Natural Bridge Caverns

Natural Bridge Caverns, Texas
Photo Credits: Carful of Kids

This vast underground system of over 10,000 various stalactite formations is the largest cave of its kind in the whole of Texas.

The Natural Bridge Cavern features King’s Throne – a 40 foot high huge wall of stalactites located in the Castle of the White Giants. This underground attraction offers a wide range of activities for its tourists to choose from such as the Discovery Tour, where you’ll get a quick history lesson on the cave itself and the Hidden Passages Tour, where you will get to explore all the bends inside the cave.

Up above, you can enjoy the Adventure Tours, which includes you ascending their Twisted Trails as well as the AMAZEn’ Ranch Roundup, where you’d have to find your way out of the over 5,000 square foot maze.

With all its massive landscapes and beautiful scenery, Texas will always be a place to have the best time of your life. Add the historical landmarks, activities, and technological advancements, and you have a truly majestic destination. Fill up your bucket list, and visit the most beautiful places to see in Texas!

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