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14 Reasons Why Utah Sucks, and You Probably Shouldn’t Move Here




Thinking about packing your bags for Utah, the land of red rocks and snowy peaks? Before you get too starry-eyed, let’s take a playful peek at some of the quirks that might make you think twice. Here are 14 reasons why Utah might not be the perfect destination you’re dreaming of!

Desert Dryness

The arid climate can leave your skin feeling like sandpaper. Moisturizer is your new best friend.

Salt Lake Smell

The Great Salt Lake can give off a rather pungent aroma. Not exactly the sea breeze you were hoping for.

Polygamy Perceptions

Thanks to certain TV shows, you might get asked about polygamy a lot more than you’d like.

Soda Substitutes

Caffeine restrictions mean you’ll find soda shops everywhere. Forget coffee shops; it’s all about the fizzy drinks here.

Snow Shoveling

The winters are snowy, and you’ll get plenty of exercise shoveling your driveway.

Dry Counties

Some areas still have strict alcohol laws. You might need to plan ahead for your next cocktail party.

Ski Traffic

Ski resorts are amazing, but everyone else thinks so too. Weekend traffic can be a snowy nightmare.

Mormon Dominance

The influence of the LDS Church is everywhere. If you’re not a member, you might feel a bit out of the loop.

Strange Liquor Laws

The state’s liquor laws are some of the most unique and restrictive in the country. Your favorite bottle of wine might be hard to find.

No Gambling

Utah has zero tolerance for gambling. Forget about finding a casino or even a lottery ticket.

Endless Mountains

If you’re not into hiking or skiing, the constant mountain scenery might start to feel a bit monotonous.

Pioneer Day

Celebrating Pioneer Day with fireworks and parades might feel like a second Fourth of July. Twice the fun, or twice the hassle?

Inversion Smog

The winter inversion traps smog in the valleys, making the air quality quite poor. Get ready for some hazy days.

Closed on Sundays

Many businesses close on Sundays. If you’re used to Sunday shopping sprees, you’ll need to adjust your schedule.

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