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10 Things You Should Never Ever Say to Someone from Virginia




If you’re kickin’ it with friends from Virginia, it’s handy to know about some phrases that might rub ’em the wrong way. From dissing their love for history to questioning their accents, there are a few topics you’ll wanna steer clear of to keep things friendly and easygoing. Let’s dive into what not to say to our Virginia pals! Here are 10 Things You Should Never Ever Say to Someone from Virginia:

“Virginia is just full of history, nothing else.”

While Virginia is indeed steeped in history, including landmarks like Colonial Williamsburg and Monticello, it also boasts vibrant cities, diverse communities, and a thriving economy beyond its historical attractions.

“Why are Virginians so obsessed with the Civil War?”

Virginia’s rich Civil War history is significant, but it’s just one aspect of the state’s heritage. Questioning Virginians’ interest in the Civil War overlooks the complexities of its legacy and the ongoing efforts to reckon with its impact.

“Richmond is just a boring government town.”

Richmond, Virginia’s capital, is a dynamic city known for its arts scene, culinary offerings, and outdoor recreational opportunities. Dismissing Richmond as a boring government town overlooks its cultural vibrancy and historical significance.

“Virginia’s beaches aren’t as nice as those in Florida.”

Virginia’s coastline along the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean offers scenic beaches, charming coastal towns, and outdoor activities like fishing and boating. Belittling Virginia’s beaches overlooks their natural beauty and recreational opportunities.

“Why do Virginians talk so slow?”

Mocking the pace of speech in Virginia overlooks its cultural significance and linguistic diversity. The Southern accent is a source of pride for many Virginians and reflects the state’s rich heritage and identity.

“Virginia is just a conservative state.”

While Virginia has historically leaned conservative, it has become increasingly diverse politically in recent years. Stereotyping Virginia as solely conservative overlooks the diversity of viewpoints within the state and disrespects the political engagement and activism of its residents.

“Why do Virginians cling to their Southern heritage?”

Virginia’s Southern heritage is an important part of its identity, but it coexists with a rich tapestry of cultures and traditions. Questioning Virginians’ attachment to their Southern heritage overlooks the complexity of their cultural identity and the ways it has evolved over time.

“Virginia’s education system is failing.”

Virginia’s education system faces challenges, but many educators and policymakers are working to improve outcomes for students. Criticizing Virginia’s education system overlooks the efforts of dedicated professionals and the potential for positive change in schools across the state.

“Why don’t Virginians just move to a bigger city?”

Many Virginians choose to live in Virginia because of its quality of life, natural beauty, and strong sense of community. Questioning why they don’t move overlooks their deep connections to their communities, families, and the state’s heritage.

“Virginia is just a bunch of suburbs.”

Virginia is home to diverse regions, from urban centers like Northern Virginia to rural areas in the Shenandoah Valley and coastal communities in Tidewater. Belittling Virginia as just a bunch of suburbs overlooks its geographic and cultural diversity and the contributions of its residents to various industries and sectors.

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