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10 Things You Should Never Ever Say to Someone from Washington




If you’re chilling with folks from Washington, it’s handy to know about some phrases that might not sit right with ’em. From dissing Seattle’s rain to questioning their love for coffee, there are a few topics you’ll wanna skip to keep things friendly and easygoing. Let’s dive into what not to say to our Washington buddies! Here are 10 Things You Should Never Ever Say to Someone from Washington:

“Seattle’s rainy weather must be depressing.”

Implying that Seattle’s frequent rainfall has a negative impact overlooks the city’s vibrant culture and thriving community. While the weather may be damp at times, many Seattleites embrace the rainy climate and enjoy outdoor activities regardless of the weather.

“I don’t understand the hype about Washington wines.”

Dismissing Washington wines overlooks the state’s thriving wine industry and the quality of its vineyards and wineries. Washington’s diverse terroir produces world-class wines that are celebrated by oenophiles globally, so insulting them can be offensive to residents who take pride in their local wine culture.

“Washington is just another liberal bubble.”

Stereotyping Washington as uniformly liberal overlooks the state’s political diversity and the range of perspectives within its communities. While Washington may lean left politically, it also has conservative-leaning regions and residents who deserve respect and representation.

“The Seattle Seahawks are overrated.”

Criticizing the Seattle Seahawks overlooks their achievements and impact on the local community. The Seahawks have a passionate fan base and a history of success in the NFL, so insulting them can be offensive to fans who take pride in supporting their team.

“Why is everyone in Washington so obsessed with coffee?”

Mocking Washington’s coffee culture overlooks its significance as a social and culinary institution. Seattle, in particular, has a rich history of coffee innovation and entrepreneurship, so insulting its coffee culture can be offensive to residents who value their local coffee shops and baristas.

“Washington’s tech scene is nothing compared to Silicon Valley.”

Belittling Washington’s tech industry overlooks its contributions to innovation and economic growth. Seattle, home to tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft, has a thriving tech ecosystem that rivals Silicon Valley, so insulting it can be offensive to those who work in the sector or benefit from its presence.

“Why is Washington so obsessed with recycling?”

Dismissing Washington’s commitment to environmental conservation overlooks its efforts to reduce waste and protect natural resources. Washington has a strong tradition of sustainability and recycling initiatives that are supported by many residents, so insulting these efforts can be offensive to those who prioritize environmental stewardship.

“Washington’s mountains aren’t that impressive.”

Belittling Washington’s mountains overlooks their natural beauty and significance to outdoor enthusiasts. The Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges offer breathtaking scenery and recreational opportunities, so insulting them can be offensive to residents who value their access to nature.

“Why do Washingtonians care so much about outdoor activities?”

Mocking Washingtonians’ love for outdoor activities overlooks the state’s abundant natural resources and recreational opportunities. Washington’s diverse landscapes, including forests, lakes, and coastline, attract outdoor enthusiasts from around the world, so insulting their passion can be offensive to those who cherish their outdoor lifestyle.

“I don’t see the appeal of living in Washington.”

Questioning the appeal of living in Washington overlooks its quality of life factors, cultural amenities, and economic opportunities. Washington offers residents a high standard of living, diverse communities, and a thriving arts and music scene, so insulting it can be offensive to those who call it home.

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