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Here are 10 Iconic Food Dishes Found in Washington That Only Locals Know




Get ready to savor the culinary gems of Washington State, where each bite is a delicious adventure in the Pacific Northwest! From the creamy delight of a Seattle Dog to the sweet juiciness of Rainier Cherries, these iconic dishes are as vibrant and diverse as the Evergreen State itself. Dive into Washington’s unique flavors and discover why it’s a true food lover’s paradise!


A large, sweet, and crunchy clam native to the Pacific Northwest, often served as sashimi or in chowders.

Seattle Dog

A hot dog topped with cream cheese and grilled onions, sometimes with the addition of jalapeños or cabbage.

Dungeness Crab

Fresh, sweet crab meat from the Dungeness crab, commonly served boiled, steamed, or in crab cakes.

Smoked Salmon

Locally caught salmon, expertly smoked to perfection, often enjoyed on bagels, in salads, or simply on its own.

Rainier Cherries

Sweet and juicy cherries that are perfect for snacking, baking, or adding to savory dishes.

Pacific Northwest Oysters

Fresh oysters harvested from the Washington coast, enjoyed raw on the half shell or grilled.

Marionberry Pie

A pie made with marionberries, a blackberry variety from the Pacific Northwest, known for its rich and complex flavor.

Apple Cider Donuts

Donuts made with Washington’s famous apples, offering a taste of the state’s rich apple-growing heritage.

Salmon Candy

Strips of smoked salmon glazed with a sweet, maple-like coating, creating a chewy and flavorful snack.

Nisqually Trout

Freshly caught local trout, often grilled or smoked, highlighting the state’s excellent freshwater fish.

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