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10 Things You Should Never Ever Say to Someone from West Virginia




If you’re hanging out with folks from West Virginia, it’s good to know about some phrases that might not sit right with ’em. From dissing their accent to stereotyping their state, there are a few topics you’ll wanna steer clear of to keep things friendly and chill. Let’s dive into what not to say to our West Virginia buddies! Here are 10 Things You Should Never Ever Say to Someone from West Virginia:

“West Virginia is just full of hillbillies.”

Stereotyping West Virginians as hillbillies overlooks the state’s diverse population and rich cultural heritage. It also perpetuates negative stereotypes that can be hurtful and disrespectful.

“Why don’t you just leave and move somewhere else?”

Many West Virginians have deep roots in the state and strong connections to their communities, families, and heritage. Questioning why they don’t leave overlooks their sense of belonging and the positive aspects of living in West Virginia.

“West Virginia is just a bunch of coal mines.”

While coal mining has played a significant role in West Virginia’s economy and history, the state also boasts natural beauty, outdoor recreational opportunities, and cultural attractions. Belittling West Virginia as just a bunch of coal mines overlooks its diverse landscapes and contributions to industries beyond coal.

“Why are West Virginians so backward?”

West Virginians take pride in their resilience, resourcefulness, and strong sense of community. Labeling them as backward overlooks their contributions to areas like arts, education, and technology, as well as the challenges they have overcome.

“Why do West Virginians have such a strong accent?”

Mocking the Appalachian accent of West Virginians overlooks its cultural significance and linguistic diversity. The accent is a source of pride for many West Virginians and reflects the state’s unique heritage and identity.

“West Virginia is just a poor state.”

While West Virginia faces economic challenges, it also has strengths in areas like tourism, manufacturing, and healthcare. Disparaging West Virginia as just a poor state overlooks its potential for growth and the resilience of its residents.

“Why are there so many stereotypes about West Virginia?”

Stereotypes about West Virginia often stem from ignorance and negative media portrayals. Questioning these stereotypes opens the door to meaningful conversations about the complexities of the state and its people.

“West Virginia is just a bunch of backwoods hicks.”

This derogatory phrase devalues the experiences and contributions of West Virginians and perpetuates harmful stereotypes. It ignores the state’s rich cultural heritage, natural beauty, and the resilience of its people.

“West Virginians are uneducated.”

West Virginians value education and many work hard to pursue higher education and professional success. Labeling them as uneducated overlooks their achievements and the challenges they face in accessing quality education and economic opportunities.

“Why is West Virginia so politically conservative?”

While West Virginia has historically leaned conservative, it also has diverse political viewpoints and a long history of labor activism and progressive movements. Stereotyping West Virginia as politically conservative overlooks the complexities of its political landscape and the diversity of its residents’ beliefs and values.

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