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10 Things You Should Never Ever Say to Someone from Wisconsin




If you’re hangin’ out with pals from Wisconsin, it’s good to know about some phrases that might not sit right with ’em. From dissing their love for cheese to questioning their accents, there are a few topics you’ll wanna steer clear of to keep things friendly and easygoing. Let’s dive into what not to say to our Wisconsin buddies! Here are 10 Things You Should Never Ever Say to Someone from Wisconsin:

“Wisconsin is just full of cheeseheads.”

While cheese is a beloved symbol of Wisconsin, reducing residents to the stereotype of “cheeseheads” overlooks the state’s diverse culture, industries, and communities. It also perpetuates a narrow view of Wisconsin’s identity.

“Why do Wisconsinites drink so much beer?”

Wisconsin has a rich brewing tradition and a strong beer culture, but not all Wisconsinites drink alcohol excessively. Stereotyping Wisconsinites as heavy drinkers overlooks the state’s vibrant craft beer scene and the responsible drinking habits of many residents.

“Milwaukee is just a crime-ridden city.”

Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s largest city, has its share of challenges, but it also has cultural attractions, historic neighborhoods, and a thriving arts scene. Disparaging Milwaukee as a crime-ridden city overlooks its positive aspects and the efforts of residents and leaders to address crime and improve safety.

“Why do Wisconsinites say ‘ope’ all the time?”

“Ope” is a common expression used by many Midwesterners, including those from Wisconsin, as a polite way to acknowledge a mistake or an unexpected encounter. Mocking Wisconsinites for saying “ope” overlooks the linguistic quirks and cultural norms of the region.

“Wisconsin winters are unbearable.”

Wisconsin winters can be cold and snowy, but many residents embrace outdoor activities like skiing, snowshoeing, and ice fishing. Disparaging Wisconsin winters overlooks the beauty of snow-covered landscapes and the sense of community fostered by winter traditions like ice skating and holiday celebrations.

“Why are there so many Packers fans in Wisconsin?”

The Green Bay Packers have a dedicated fan base in Wisconsin, but not all Wisconsinites are football fans. Questioning Wisconsinites’ loyalty to the Packers overlooks the team’s significance to the state’s identity and the sense of community it fosters.

“Wisconsin is just a bunch of farmland.”

While agriculture is an important part of Wisconsin’s economy, the state also has vibrant cities, cultural attractions, and natural beauty. Belittling Wisconsin as just a bunch of farmland overlooks its diverse landscapes and industries, from manufacturing to tourism.

“Why are Wisconsinites so obsessed with brats and cheese curds?”

Brats and cheese curds are iconic Wisconsin foods enjoyed by many residents and visitors, but they are just one aspect of the state’s culinary scene. Mocking Wisconsinites for their love of brats and cheese curds overlooks the state’s rich culinary heritage and the diversity of its food culture.

“Wisconsin is just a boring state.”

Wisconsin offers a wealth of outdoor recreational opportunities, cultural attractions, and culinary experiences. Dismissing Wisconsin as boring overlooks its vibrant arts scene, historic landmarks, and the sense of community fostered by local festivals and events.

“Why do Wisconsinites have such a weird accent?”

Mocking the Wisconsin accent overlooks its cultural significance and linguistic diversity. The accent is a source of pride for many Wisconsinites and reflects the state’s unique heritage and identity.

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