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7 of the Most Beautiful Places to See in Wisconsin



With its diverse landscapes, a wide range of hills, and lowlands, Wisconsin is perfect for biking and hiking, and dairy farming. Not only that, but the state also features many cultural activities and events that everyone will surely enjoy. Read through the list of the most beautiful places to see in Wisconsin!

1. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Perfect Country Home

Frank Lloyd Wright, a great American architect was born and raised in the state of Wisconsin. You can see a number of his designs around the state. Some of those include the Convention Center on Madison’s lakeshore, the Milwaukee’s Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, and the Monona Terrace Community.

This over 800-acres of rolling countryside is where he built his house in 1911 and continued to be a work in progress until his death in 1959. He spent most of his summers here and during winters, he headed to Taliesin West – one of the visited places in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The students of the Taliesin’s School of Architecture do this tradition every year, trying to relive the life of the famed architect. You can join tours of the area that explore the home, studio, gallery, theater, and school.

Taliesin is a separate company from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, they are an organization that runs tours and programs at the Taliesin. You can visit their website here:  

2. The Dells of the Wisconsin River

The Dells of the Wisconsin River, Wisconsin
Photo Credits: WUWM 89.7

The Dells of the Wisconsin River is a gorgeous five-mile stretch on the state’s largest river. This spectacular sight features miles of natural beauty- cliffs and canyons reaching up to a hundred feet and sandstone rock formations. You can find numerous flora and fauna like the cliff cudweed- a specie you can find in only one other place in the entire world.

With its delicate ecological state, this area is not that easy to access. You can join boat tours in the area, which are the only way that you can appreciate this beauty. You can also avail of excursions through one of the most beautiful places to see in Wisconsin.

3. Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field, Wisconsin
Photo Credits: Ryan Photography

Regarded as the longest continuously occupied stadium, the Lambeau Field has hosted a number of major sports events in the area. The tale of the Green Bay Packers is truly remarkable and is something that is known in the entire town. This small town was able to host a major professional sports team inside their stadium big enough to hold over 72,000 people.

The stadium was opened in 1957 and has been home to the Green Bay Packers since. It’s also one of the most beautiful places to see in Wisconsin!

Other attractions that you may enjoy include The Packers Pro shop where you can buy the team’s merchandise, The Packers Hall of Fame, a 15,000 square foot area where exhibits of former games and players are displayed, and of course the Lambeau Field Station Tour where you can have a guided tour of the stadium and a full-on first-hand experience of what it’s like to walk through the same tunnels as the Packers do on game day.

4. Wisconsin’s State Capital

This 284-foot-dome is one of the top attractions in the state of Wisconsin since it was completed in 1917. Tours are available widely, which explores the best features of the capitol including the marble work, the massive murals, hand-carved furniture, glass mosaics, and the exquisite rotunda with its states and monuments. A museum is located on the sixth floor which features the history of the building. One way to enjoy the view of the capitol is from the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center,

In 2017, the Wisconsin State Capitol has celebrated its 100th year. It has witnessed many historical events throughout the years. Until today, it remains one of the most beautiful places to see in Wisconsin.

5. Door County

Door County, Wisconsin
Photo Credits: Curbed Chicago

Door County is one of the most scenic corners of Wisconsin. Nestled over 50 miles northeast of Green Bay, Door County sits on a peninsula that overlooks Lake Michigan. It is a popular tourist spot for all the attractions that can be found here. A number of outdoor activities can be enjoyed here such as sailing, diving, swimming, trout fishing as well as biking and hiking.

The Sturgeon Bay, a place famous for its lovely quaint lighthouse is popular for photo opportunities. Ephraim features an old harbor and historical buildings. You can also visit Washington Island if you want to see America’s oldest Icelandic settlement. Hotels and campsites are abundant here so you won’t have a hard time looking for a resting place.

6. Oshkosh

Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Photo Credits: Reddit | u/Volmcat

The small town of Oshkosh is located in northeastern Wisconsin on Lake Winnebago. Referred to as “Wisconsin’s Event City”, Oshkosh is home to many events and activities all year round. One of those is the world’s largest gathering of aviators called EAA AirVenture Oshkosh which has been held in the town since 1970. This week-long event makes the control towers n Oshkosh the busiest in the entire world with over 15,000 aircraft of varying shapes and sizes land in the airport.

This is also a must-see event for visitors for the exciting aerobatic exhibitions, flybys from vintage and modern aircraft, and nighttime flying exhibits. You can also try a number of aircraft rides including a B-17 bomber. A museum called EAA AirVenture with a massive collection of over 200 aircraft can also be enjoyed.

7. Land O’ Lakes

Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin
Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

You can find Land O’ Lakes between Eagle River, Boulder Junction, and Rhinelander in the northern part of Wisconsin. Its abundance of over 200 unspoiled lakes makes it popular with tourists who love water sports. Visitors of the region enjoy activities such as canoeing or kayaking, and because of its diverse ecosystem, you will get to see a variety of wildlife in the region.

It is also known to be a great spot for fishing and bird-watching, you might even get a chance to see some of the remaining white-tailed eagles in the area. During the winter season, tourists can enjoy the vast trail system perfect for cross-country skiing and snowboarding

Whether you’re planning to go on a scenic road trip to catch a glimpse of the beautiful landscapes or a carefree hike to the gorgeous mountains, Wisconsin will definitely give you a taste of everything. Have the time of your life and visit Wisconsin’s most beautiful places.

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