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Here Are the 6 Best Tiki Bars in Baltimore, Maryland



Maryland’s “Charm City” has so many things to offer. From its culture to its world-famous buildings and hangout spots, your itinerary list will go on and on and on! But what if you just want to have a great night out while you’re out and about with friends or family in the middle of Baltimore? What if you wanted to feel the tropical breeze in the middle of the city? 

Well, it turns out that you’re actually in the right place! You know Baltimore, Maryland, has a bit of a sea breeze, right? And where the sea is, the tropics follow. Now, whether you’ve just survived a steamy summer day and would like to party the summer night away or in the middle of the fall or winter season, you can always revisit the tropical delights at Baltimore, Maryland’s best tiki bars. Check out the 6 best tiki bars below, and find out which is the best tropical destination in the middle of the city!

Tiki Barge


The Tiki Barge is the closest you’ll ever get to a tropical paradise if you’re in Baltimore, Maryland. This on-the-water Tiki bar provides an enjoyable yet relaxing drinking experience with a beautiful harbor view. The sea breeze will have you thinking you’re on some tropical island with the locals, while the Malibu Rum mingling with the fresh fruit juices and other liquors emits the taste of the summer! 

The Tiki Torch, Tiki Barge’s signature cocktail, is a famous go-to of locals and visitors alike as they roam around and look for the best spot to appreciate the sunset or simply sit down and relax on the on-the-water Tiki bar that’s always a must-visit when you’re in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Location: 500 Harborview Dr, Baltimore, MD 21230

Woody’s Rum Bar


Woody’s Rum Bar can be found inside Woody’s Cantina — a place with a beautiful harborfront view, famous for its Tex-Mex dishes, extensive brunch menu, and tequila cocktails. When you’re done with brunching and the sun is almost setting, it’s time to approach Baltimore’s most well-known Tiki bar in town — Woody’s Rum Bar. 

Woody’s is known for their “Painkillers.” No, not the kind that you pop in when you’ve aches and pains, but the kind that’s mixed with dark rum, pineapple and orange juices, and cream of coconut. The famous mixture will surely transport you from the harbor to the middle of a tropical island without leaving your comfortable breezy seat. 

Location: 821 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231

Ra Sushi


Can you tell me a better pair than fresh fish and tiki drink mixes? It’s the most tropical pair there is! But an upscale sushi restaurant isn’t usually home to a Tiki bar or selection. Surprisingly, Ra Sushi says you can have the best of both worlds. Ra Sushi hired amazing mixologists who put a twist to your usual Tiki mix. 

Aside from the sumptuous sushis from their selection, you’ll also get a few Tiki-style drinks that don’t have a drop of dark rum. Well, how would that be possible, you ask? Ra Sushi’s mixologists chose vodka instead of dark rum to give your taste buds a treat. Try their Coco Loco, consisting of pineapple and coconut vodkas, juice, and creamy coconut colada. There are also the mango and strawberry options for the Coco Loco for an elevated taste. 

Location: 1390 Lancaster St., Baltimore, MD 21231

Tiki Hut at Bo Brooks


Bo Brooks was already pretty famous for their crab house. The place is always packed with locals and visitors trying to get seats and their hands on possibly the freshest crabs and the best crab dishes in the whole of Baltimore. But there’s one thing in Bo Brooks that’s almost always filled to the brim, so you’ll have to plan and plan accordingly. 

The Tiki Hut at Bo Brooks and its amazing cocktail menu is a rare occurrence even for Baltimore locals. It’s just so hard to get a seat! But when you do snag a few chairs and tables, try their blends of fruit juices and three types of rum that will take you from the city to the tropics in just one sip. 

Location: 4811 Belair Rd., Baltimore, MD 21206

Bond Street Social


Bond Street Social is THE place where all the cool kids hang out. Additionally, it’s a sought-after place that tons of visitors know right away because of the recommendations of the locals. Bond Street Social is all about island sipping and living the tropical life with a twist. 

What? Another twist, you ask? Bond Street Social is quite famous for its Liquid Nitrogen Martinis, but that’s not so tropical, isn’t it? For your Tiki fix, Bond Street Social included the Grilled Pineapple Mojito and the Malibu Pineapple Rum. Those are just some of the drinks from their Tiki selection, but you’ll never go wrong with a grilled pineapple puree, simple syrup, lime juice, mint, and sprite mix. It’s the most refreshing Tiki drink there, and you’ll surely return to it repeatedly.

Location: 901 S Bond Street, Baltimore. MD 21231

Waterfront Kitchen


And last but certainly and hopefully not the least is the Waterfront Kitchen. It’s somewhat self-explanatory, but the Waterfront Kitchen is a place that sits comfortably on the edge of Fell’s Point. They have an extensive and impressive menu, but their drink programs keep leaving jaws on the floor. 

Overseen by the famous Chef Jerry Pellegrino, Waterfront Kitchen’s beverages should never be missed, especially their Tiki selection. Waterfront Kitchen’s Pomelocioso is their most famous Tiki beverage, consisting of a white rum base, grapefruit, blood orange, mint, thyme, and a splash of lemon-lime soda. It sounds like the perfect summer beverage, doesn’t it? Pair it with a perfect seat on the outdoor deck, and your tropical dreams are fulfilled! 

Location: 1710 Thames St., Baltimore, MD 21231


Maryland’s Charm City brings so much charm to the locals and the visitors. Now that you have your Tiki bar choices, which one should you visit first? Remember to call ahead if the place needs a reservation and plan accordingly, especially if you’d like to visit the Tiki bars that are always packed to the brim.

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