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Here are 25 Slang Terms You’ll Only Understand if you’re from Missouri




Step into the Show-Me State, where laughter echoes through the Ozark hills and the Gateway Arch stands tall as a monument to humor. From Cardinals Comedy at the ballpark to Truman Tease about the local president, Missouri’s linguistic tapestry weaves a delightful narrative that only those from the state truly understand. Join us on a jovial journey through 25 amusing slang terms, each a testament to the unique culture and spirited wit that make being from Missouri a laughter-filled adventure.

Show-Me State Snicker

A laugh shared among Missourians, referencing the state’s nickname, the “Show-Me State.”


Toasted ravioli, t-ravs for short, come from St. Louis. Meat or cheese-stuffed ravioli, breaded and fried until crispy and served up with marinara sauce.


Grocery bag. Missourians carry their groceries home in a paper sack.

It’s Bread Co.

Panera. While commonly known as Panera nationwide, the bakery-café chain will forever be called St. Louis Bread Company in the town where it was born.

Ozark Chuckle

Amusement associated with the Ozark region, known for its scenic beauty and unique culture.

Sweep the carpets

This phrase is said instead of vacuum in Missouri.

Gateway Giggle

A laugh related to Missouri’s nickname as the “Gateway to the West.”

Put out

If you are ‘put out’ and from Missouri, you are likely to be angry or mad.

Mizzou Mirth

Laughter connected to the University of Missouri, often used in the context of spirited college events.

Barbecue Banter

Humor associated with the state’s renowned barbecue culture, which sparks friendly debates about the best barbecue joints.

The farty-four

Interstate 44 (I44). The St. Louis accent really comes out when locals describe Interstate 44.

Riverboat Riff

Jokes and humor related to the historical riverboat culture along the Missouri River.


Nickname for a redneck.

Hillbilly Hilarity

Playful teasing or laughter associated with the Ozark and Appalachian cultural influences in certain regions of Missouri.

Bootheel Belly Laugh

Amusement related to the distinctive geographical shape of Missouri’s Bootheel region.

Warsh  (The ‘R’ Is Very Hard)

This is the way we warsh our clothes, warsh our clothes, warsh our clothes. This is the way we warsh our clothes so early in the morning.

Mississippi Mischief

Playful banter associated with the Mississippi River, which forms a significant part of Missouri’s eastern border.


This is how folks from Missouri order ice cream in a dish with hot fudge.

Cardinals Comedy

Laughter related to the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team, a source of pride for many Missourians.

Kansas City Jazz Joke

Humor connected to the rich jazz heritage of Kansas City, which spans both Missouri and Kansas.

Truman Tease

Playful ribbing related to Harry S. Truman, the only U.S. president from Missouri.


Often heard in the optimistic phrase, “If the Lord is willin’ and the crick don’t rise.” Visitors won’t always find creeks but there are plenty of cricks, especially in the Ozarks.

Mark Twain Titter

A laugh inspired by the famous author Mark Twain, who spent a significant portion of his life in Missouri.

Ozarks Outburst

A burst of laughter related to the outdoor adventures and natural beauty of the Ozark Mountains.

Arch Chuckle

Amusement associated with the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, one of Missouri’s iconic landmarks.

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