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The Largest Gas Station in the Country is Opening Right Here in Arizona




Get ready, Arizona, because the Lone Star State’s iconic Buc-ee’s is making its grand entrance into the desert landscape! The larger-than-life gas station chain, celebrated for its cult-like following and the unforgettable beaver mascot, is about to turn heads in Goodyear.


Where will it be built?

The company has formally submitted plans to rezone a sprawling 71-acre parcel of land in Goodyear, situated near Bullard Avenue just south of Interstate 10. As per the documents submitted to the city, Buc-ee’s envisions the development of the western section along Bullard as a Buc-ee’s Travel Center, while the remaining land will be allocated for industrial purposes. The proposed retail store is anticipated to span approximately 75,000 square feet, surpassing the size of some conventional grocery stores, according to the city-submitted plans.

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What’s so special about Buc-cees?

In the world of convenience stores and gas stations, one name stands out as a true legend – Buc-ee’s. But what is it about this Texas-based giant that has amassed a cult-like following and captured the hearts of travelers? Let’s dive into what makes Buc-ee’s so special.

  1. Larger-Than-Life Convenience: Buc-ee’s doesn’t do things in half measures. From the colossal size of its stores to the extensive range of products, Buc-ee’s is a one-stop destination for everything you never knew you needed. With a 75,000-square-foot retail space in Arizona, it’s not just a pit stop – it’s an adventure.
  2. Foodie’s Paradise: Buc-ee’s is not your average gas station when it comes to food. The chain is renowned for its mouthwatering delicacies, freshly prepared in-house. Whether you’re craving barbecue, snacks, or sweet treats, Buc-ee’s has a menu that tantalizes taste buds and keeps customers coming back for more.
  3. Spotless Restrooms: Let’s talk about the unsung hero of Buc-ee’s – the immaculate restrooms. In a world where gas station restrooms are often a source of dread, Buc-ee’s takes pride in offering facilities that are not only clean but set a new standard for restroom excellence. It’s a game-changer that keeps patrons raving.
  4. Distinctive Branding: Who could forget the beaver mascot? Buc-ee, the friendly beaver, has become synonymous with the brand. The adorable mascot adds a unique and memorable touch to the Buc-ee’s experience, creating a sense of familiarity and warmth.
  5. Strategic Locations: Buc-ee’s doesn’t just pop up anywhere. The company strategically selects locations that align with its vision of offering unparalleled convenience and service. The move to expand into Arizona reflects the brand’s commitment to bringing the Buc-ee’s magic to new territories.
  6. Community Connection: Buc-ee’s isn’t just a business; it’s a community hub. Locals and travelers alike gather at Buc-ee’s for more than just fuel – it’s a social experience. The sense of community fostered by Buc-ee’s contributes to its loyal fan base.

In a world where brands come and go, Buc-ee’s has carved a niche for itself by redefining the expectations of what a convenience store can be. It’s not just a place to refuel; it’s a destination that leaves a lasting impression. As Buc-ee’s continues to expand its footprint, it brings with it the promise of adventure, exceptional service, and a little bit of Texas charm to every corner of the map.