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This Arizona Park That Was Once a Vast Swamp With Roaming Dinosaurs Is Full of Rainbow Trees



It’s easy to fall in love walking on the different trails in Arizona. There is so much to see and explore. But did you know that there is a famous spot that was once a vast swamp with roaming dinosaurs? Not only that, but it is also home to rainbow trees or million-year-old wood-turned-stone deposits that look both unreal and amazing. Before you check out the mountain on the Arizona-Utah Border with sparkly gems, you better come and see the Petrified Forest rainbow trees.

Looking at the Beautiful Petrified Forest Rainbow Trees Makes for a Unique Experience

rainbow logs

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It’s not everyday you see rainbow-colored logs lying around the landscape. If you want to be in awe of a surreal setting, you should come check out the different trails throughout the Petrified Forest National Park. Petrified Forest rainbow trees abound and it will feel as if you are walking on a different planet.

Petrified Forest rainbow trees az

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According to accounts, the trails in the southern part of the park have the highest concentration of petrified wood. You might want to proceed there if you want to see these trees or logs that look like gems.

Giant Logs Loop petrified forest rainbow trees arizona

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We recommend you to take the Giant Logs Loop because it is just behind the visitor’s center in the Petrified Forest National Park. You won’t get too tired exploring this trail because it is just a nice short loop that treats you to beautiful Petrified Forest rainbow trees. Prepare to be amazed! It is the best trail if you are short on time and you cannot hit other trails.

The colors of the logs, as well as their sizes, will surprise you! Before you go, make sure to check out the museum to see how displays are created.

There Is Another Trail That You Should See

petrified forest

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We are talking about the Long Logs Loop! It is considered an “endless” field of Petrified wood. The seemingly vast field details how an entire forest was upended, fossilized, and now left behind as chunky stone logs litter the landscape for miles around. While you can’t find the largest or grandest Petrified Forest rainbow trees here, you will still be in awe!

Finally, for the most beautiful collection, you should head straight to Crystal Logs. The wood pieces found here differ from the pieces in the first two trails. These are already crystallized over millions of years which resulting in their gorgeous whitish quartz composition. You should see it after it rains because that’s when the quartz sparkles. It’s totally stunning!

When you come here, just leave it be. You will find smaller pieces of the Petrified Forest rainbow trees or logs lying around, but legend says those who take one will be cursed. Whether it’s true or not, you should just think about leaving it so all the visitors after you would still be able to enjoy them for the years to come!

This Field Is Made up of Almost Solid Quartz

beautiful trees in arizona

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That’s right. The Petrified Forest rainbow trees are too precious for words. Each piece is like a big crystal, and it glimmers in the sunlight as if covered by glitter. If you are wondering how it got its rainbow colors, it is actually produced by the impurities in the quartz, such as iron, carbon, and manganese.

Petrified Forest rainbow trees az

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Hundreds of millions of years ago, the logs got washed into an ancient river system and were buried quick and deep by massive amounts of sediment and debris that are also carried in the water. Various minerals such as silica from volcanic ash, absorbed into the porous wood crystallized within the cellular structure. In time, it replaced the “organic” material, leaving jewel-like crystals of clear quartz, purple amethyst or yellow citrine.

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