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Here are 29 Slang Terms You’ll Only Understand if you’re from Delaware




Delaware may be a small state, but it’s got its own unique flavor when it comes to language. From playful nicknames for regions to nods to the state’s historical industries, Delawareans have a linguistic landscape all their own. In this blog post, we’ll dive into 29 slang terms that you’ll only truly grasp if you call the First State home.

Slower Lower

Refers to the southern part of Delaware, especially Sussex County. It’s a play on the state’s slower pace compared to the northern areas.


While not exclusive to Delaware, it refers to the geographic region that includes Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia’s Eastern Shore.


Ignorant. “That guy in my English class is just sooo ignert.”

Baggin’ up

Cracking up/Laughing. “Man I was baggin’ up at the movie on Friday night!”


Adjective describing one who is unaware of the existence of Delaware


Another word for spigot or faucet.

The First State

Delaware is often referred to as “The First State” because it was the first to ratify the United States Constitution in 1787.

Buck wild

To go crazy. We said it before a television show on MTV made it popular.

Chicken Tax

Refers to the tax imposed on broiler chickens in Delaware, a nod to the state’s significant poultry industry.


A creek or stream. Little Creek (Crick) is the name of a small town outside of Dover.

Slower, lower

The area of Delaware below the C & D Canal, primarily Kent and Sussex Counties.


A word generally meant for sneakers that were not brand name, though sometimes used to refer to other off-brand items.


A playful response to people who may not be familiar with Delaware or mistake it for another state.


The BEST fries. Thrashers Fries is one of the most iconic places to dine at when visiting Delaware beaches. Fact.

Blue Hen State

Another nickname for Delaware, derived from the Blue Hen Chicken, a breed that was historically popular in the state.

Kitchen Sink

An enormous twenty-scoop ice cream challenge at Charcoal Pit. Anyone who completes the kitchen sink challenge is a true Delaware legend.


Pork loaf. This traditionally Amish dish is the perfect crispy fried pork slice to pair with eggs.


The BEST fries. The best vinegar doused French fries you will ever eat in your life!

The Green

Short for the University of Delaware, often used by locals when referring to the university.


A reference to the DuPont Company, which has had a significant historical presence in Delaware. Locals might use it to talk about the company or its influence.

Toad choker/Frog strangler

A heavy downpour or a bad storm. “Woah, last night was a real toad choker outside, right?”

Chateau Country

Refers to the affluent residential area in northern Delaware, known for its large estates and mansions.

Joe Biden’s State

Given that President Joe Biden is from Delaware, this term might be used humorously to highlight the state’s connection to the President.


The area code for the entire state of Delaware. Locals might use this as a shorthand reference.


Meaning withdrawing money from ATM. (ATMs used to be called Money Access Centers).

Crab Cake State

A nod to Delaware’s love for seafood, particularly crab cakes, which are a popular dish in the state.

Hockessin Hill

Refers to the suburban community of Hockessin, sometimes humorously emphasizing its hilly terrain.

Tubing the Brandywine

A popular outdoor activity in Delaware, floating down the Brandywine River on inner tubes during the warmer months.

C&D Canal

Refers to the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal, a significant waterway in the state that connects the Chesapeake Bay with the Delaware River.

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