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10 Weird Hawaii Laws You Didn’t Know Existed



You can find bizarre, dumb, and simply outlandish laws in any state if you take the time to look. As it turns out, weird Hawaii laws allow it to be one of those states. Here are 10 weird Hawaii laws to keep in mind if you’re ever visiting the Aloha State.

1) Billboards Are Illegal

A sea of billboards. trbimg.com

Especially in areas that are popular with tourists, we’ve grown used to being bombarded with larger than life advertisements. You won’t find that in Hawaii, though. Luckily, the beautiful views are left unspoiled by the ban on this type of advertising.

2) Structures Can’t be Taller than Palm Trees on Kauai

Palm trees over a house in Hawaii. g01.a.alicdn.com

What better way to stay focused on the natural beauty of the area than to let nature have the largest and most magnificent features of a location?

3) You Could be Fined for Not Owning a Boat

Two men on a small sailboat in Hawaii. yachtworld.com

As a resident of Hawaii, a boat certainly seems like a good investment. An investment so important, apparently, that someone somewhere decided to make it a requirement.

4) You Can’t Have More Than One Alcoholic Drink at a Time

Two Hawaiian drinks at the bar with pineapples and umbrellas. daveandbusters.com

In an oasis of relaxation like beautiful Hawaii, it isn’t uncommon to see visitors and locals alike with a cool drink in their hand. Be sure to finish one beverage before starting the next, though, lest you accumulate more than one glass in front of you.

5) You Can’t Put Coins in Your Ears

Man with a coin in his ear. cdn.c.photoshelter.com

Uhhh… So this is one of those extra strange laws that likely came to exist as a result of an even stranger story. Double-check your packing list to ensure that you have a change purse before traveling out to this island paradise so you won’t be tempted to stash  your change anywhere illegal.

6) You Can’t Ride in the Backseat of a Car Without a Seat Belt


This may not sound that strange. It isn’t. But what makes it strange is if all the seats in the car are taken, you can ride in the bed of a truck with no safety equipment. This one certainly seems a little counterproductive, but can you imagine settling down into the bed of a truck for a quick ride as you head to the beach? If you tilt your head back and enjoy the ride, a cool ocean breeze might rustle your hair while towering palm trees and fluffy clouds rush by above you? Maybe the truck bed isn’t the worst seat in the house after all.

7) It is Against the Law to Annoy Birds in a State Park

Birds on the grass in front of a beach. c2.staticflickr.con

We aren’t sure precisely what qualifies as “annoying,” so tread carefully here if you’re out exploring the nature that the state has set aside. At home, feel free to pester the fowl if you’re so inclined — the law can’t touch you there!

8) No Person May Own More Than 15 Cats and Dogs

Many cats looking at their owner. api.ning.com

We aren’t sure about the enforcement rates of this law, but it is certainly putting a damper on our future life plans.

9) You Can’t Fish Using Dynamite, Poison, or Electric Current

Fishing poles in the back of a boat. bajafishing.net

Again, we can only imagine the story of the poor soul who necessitated this law. Fishing with dynamite sort of seems to ruin the sportsmanship anyway, right?

10) You Could Go to Jail for Shark Fin Possession

Three divers in a shark cage with a shark swimming nearby. hawaiisharkencounters.com

You could end up in the slammer for a year if you have one of those. Furthermore, feeding sharks is also illegal. Was that a law we really needed to put down in writing? Apparently so.