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Here are 18 Slang Terms You’ll Only Understand if you’re from Kansas




Welcome to the Sunflower State, where the wheat fields stretch as far as the eye can see, and the laughter of Jayhawks echoes through the plains. From the spirited “Tornado Tango” to the laid-back “Sunnyside Shuffle,” Kansans have a linguistic flair that’s as diverse as the landscapes that define their home. In this exploration of 18 chuckle-inducing slang terms, join us on a journey through the colloquial charm that makes being from Kansas a uniquely delightful experience.

Sunflower State

Kansas’ official nickname, occasionally used humorously to refer to the state’s vast fields of sunflowers.

Caddy Corner

A direction best used to describe something on the opposite corner. “Her house is caddy corner to the Quiktrip.”

Wheat State Wink

A friendly and knowing nod or gesture exchanged between Kansans, often acknowledging the importance of wheat in the state.

Burnt Ends

To some, this phrase might mean the leftover bits of barbecue meat that aren’t worth eating. For Kansans, they’re the best part of BBQ sides!

Jayhawk Jive

Playful banter or witty remarks exchanged by residents of the University of Kansas, known as the Jayhawks.

The Concrete

Frozen Custard. It’s thick like a blizzard, yet in Kansas you can get them from Freddy’s and other frozen treat stands.

Tornado Tango

The hurried and sometimes chaotic dance performed during tornado drills or actual tornado warnings.

Cattle Country Chuckle

A hearty laugh shared among those in rural areas, especially in communities with a strong focus on cattle farming.

Wheat Chatte

The lively conversations and discussions that revolve around wheat farming and harvest in Kansas.

Sunnyside Shuffle

The laid-back and easygoing stroll characteristic of residents in Sunnyside, a community in Kansas.

Plains Peculiar

A humorous term for something unique or quirky in the plains of Kansas, celebrating the state’s distinctive charm.

Cyclone Salute

A wave or gesture exchanged during the football games of Kansas State University, known as the Wildcats.

Sunflower Standoff

A humorous situation or interaction that highlights the friendly rivalries between Kansas cities or towns.

Bison Brouhaha

The spirited and sometimes comical debates or discussions surrounding the Kansas State University mascot, the Wildcat.

Windmill Waltz

The rhythmic and swaying motion of windmills often seen in the rural landscapes of Kansas.

Jayhawker Jabber

Engaging in lively and animated conversations, particularly those involving the history and traditions of the University of Kansas.

Flatland Funnies

Jokes and humor specific to the flat topography of much of Kansas, where the horizon seems endless.

Dorothy Dash

The quick and agile movements made during a playful game or activity, nodding to Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz,” who famously hailed from Kansas.

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