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North Carolina

Here are 24 Slang Terms You’ll Only Understand if you’re from North Carolina




Step into the Tar Heel State, where the drawl of Southern charm meets the vibrant rhythms of diverse landscapes. From the sandy shores of the Outer Banks to the rolling peaks of the Appalachian Mountains, North Carolina’s slang paints a colorful portrait of its people and their unique expressions. Join us as we unravel 24 slang terms, each a thread in the rich tapestry that weaves the laughter, traditions, and regional pride of those calling North Carolina home.

Tar Heel Titter

A laugh shared among North Carolinians, referencing the state’s nickname, the “Tar Heel State.”


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Biscuit Banter

Unique language or expressions related to the Southern culinary staple, biscuits.


Far away. Yonder means a location that’s so far away you can’t even begin to describe where it is.

OBX Chuckle

Amusement specific to the Outer Banks, a popular coastal region in North Carolina.

Appalachian Jest

Humorous exchanges or jokes related to the Appalachian Mountains in western North Carolina.


Knit hat (not a sled!).

Tobacco Road Titter

Laughter associated with the area known as Tobacco Road, a region historically linked to tobacco farming.


Kid or baby

Piedmont Puns

Jokes or humor related to the Piedmont region, the central plateau of the state.


About to do something. You’re thinking about doing something, but you have to gather up the strength to actually do it! “I’m fixin’ to go to the store.” Also refers to making food.

Blue Ridge Banter

Amusement inspired by the Blue Ridge Mountains, part of the larger Appalachian range.

Low Country Laugh

Humor specific to the coastal plain region, often referred to as the “Low Country.”

Sweet Tea

A delicious iced homemade beverage in North Carolina with at least five lbs of sugar, usually served in a mason jar.

Loblolly Lightheartedness

Jokes related to the loblolly pine, a common tree in North Carolina.

Barbecue Banter

Humorous exchanges related to the state’s barbecue culture, known for its distinct styles.


This a reference to the great basketball player Michael Jordan who wore the No.23 jersey. Locals even sometimes refer to their 23rd birthday in North Carolina as their “Jordan year!”

Hoopie Hilarity

A laugh associated with hoops and basketball culture, deeply rooted in North Carolina.

Furniture City Funny

Amusement related to High Point, known as the “Furniture Capital of the World.”

Hey Y’all

Hello. You won’t go 10 minutes in North Carolina without hearing ‘ya’ll’ spoken at least once!

Dogwood Delight

Jokes inspired by the dogwood tree, the state flower of North Carolina.

Red Clay Riff

Humor associated with the red clay soil prevalent in parts of the state.



First in Flight Jest

A playful term for laughter linked to the Wright brothers’ first powered flight in Kitty Hawk.

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