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10 Reasons Why You Should Never Ever Consider Moving to Nebraska




Nebraska, with it’s superb hospitality, beckons with its endless rich history, vibrant culture, and abundant natural beauty. Who would ever want that, right? Well, it’s safe to say that this place is a nightmare because of the overwhelmingly beautiful destinations and experiences.

Here are 10 reasons why you should never, ever embrace the idea of making Nebraska your home:

“Flat Landscapes”

While Nebraska’s landscapes may appear flat at first glance, they offer endless opportunities for outdoor adventures like hiking, biking, and birdwatching. Embrace the vast expanses of prairie and enjoy stunning sunsets over the horizon.

“Extreme Weather”

Yes, Nebraska experiences extreme weather conditions, but it also fosters a sense of resilience and community spirit. Embrace the thrill of thunderstorms, the beauty of snow-covered landscapes, and the warmth of Nebraskan hospitality during challenging times.

“Limited Entertainment Options”

While Nebraska may not have the same entertainment options as larger cities, it offers a rich cultural scene with theaters, museums, art galleries, and music venues. Embrace the opportunity to explore local talent and support community arts initiatives.


Nebraska may feel isolated from other parts of the country, but it offers a strong sense of community and belonging. Embrace the opportunity to build meaningful connections with neighbors, coworkers, and fellow Nebraskans and experience the warmth of Midwestern hospitality.

“Lack of Diversity”

While Nebraska may lack ethnic diversity in some areas, it offers a rich tapestry of cultural traditions and heritage. Embrace the opportunity to learn from different perspectives, celebrate multicultural festivals, and foster inclusivity within your community.

“Agricultural Reputation”

Yes, Nebraska has a strong agricultural heritage, but it also offers opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship in agribusiness, food production, and sustainability. Embrace the chance to be part of a thriving industry that feeds the nation and supports rural economies.

“Limited Job Opportunities”

While Nebraska may not have the same job market as larger states, it offers opportunities in growing sectors like healthcare, technology, education, and manufacturing. Embrace the chance to build a career in a state that values hard work, innovation, and community.

“Conservative Politics”

While Nebraska may lean conservative politically, it offers opportunities for civic engagement and activism. Embrace the chance to participate in local politics, advocate for causes you believe in, and contribute to positive change within your community.

“Harsh Winters”

Yes, Nebraska winters can be cold and snowy, but they also offer opportunities for winter sports like skiing, snowshoeing, and ice fishing. Embrace the beauty of snow-covered landscapes and cozy evenings by the fireplace with loved ones.

“Limited City Life”

While Nebraska may not have the bustling city life of larger metropolitan areas, it offers a slower pace of life with a focus on family, community, and quality of life. Embrace the opportunity to enjoy simpler pleasures, build meaningful relationships, and savor the moments that matter most.


Some may advise against considering a move to Nebraska, and that’s only because they are too blinded by the state’s beauty. From its stunning landscapes and rich history to its welcoming communities and affordable living, Nebraska offers a lifestyle that’s as enriching as it is unforgettable!

Currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife and Pomeranian, Mochi. Leo is a lover of all things travel related outside and inside the United States. Leo has been to every continent and continues to push to reach his goals of visiting every country someday. Learn more about Leo on MuckRack.

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