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Here are 24 Slang Terms You’ll Only Understand if you’re from Virginia




Embark on a linguistic exploration of the Commonwealth as we unveil 24 distinctive slang terms that resonate uniquely with Virginians. From navigating the cultural tapestry of “Monument Avenue” in Richmond to embracing the scenic allure of the “Blue Ridge,” Virginia’s lexicon reveals a rich blend of history, regional pride, and diverse landscapes. Whether you’re a native Virginian or an intrigued outsider, join us in decoding the linguistic gems that make the Old Dominion’s vernacular as dynamic and captivating as its storied past.

Old Dominion

A common nickname for Virginia, reflecting its historical significance as one of the original 13 colonies.

The Mixing Bowl

This is that lesser known level of hell, the one Dante forgot to mention in the Inferno, known as the Interstate 95/395/495 interchange. It is what nightmares are made of.

Ice Box

Or as other folks might say, “refrigerator.” This one may be a throwback to an older generation, perhaps picked up from parents who remember when food was kept cool in a metal box using…you guessed it…blocks of ice. I don’t know about you, but I kind of like “icebox.”


I swear. “This place does the best pizza in all of Virginia, I stamp.”


An abbreviation for the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia metropolitan area, often used to refer to the northern part of the state.

Hampton Roads

Refers to the southeastern Virginia metropolitan area, encompassing cities such as Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Newport News.


A deal/plan. “That’s a bet.”


Short for Northern Virginia, highlighting the region’s distinct characteristics within the state.


Describes the coastal region of Virginia influenced by the tides, including the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.


Too be lazy. If you’re taking your sweet time getting around to something, you’re “sluggin’ it.”

Blue Ridge

Refers to the Blue Ridge Mountains, a prominent mountain range in Virginia offering stunning scenic views.

Shenandoah Valley

A picturesque valley between the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains known for its natural beauty.

The Fan

A neighborhood in Richmond known for its fan-shaped layout and historic architecture.


This one sparked some debate. “Crick” is another word for “creek.” It’s definitely not used all over the state. In fact, many people associate it with other states. But one reader described how “crick” is used in her neck of the woods – the Northern Neck to be exact. A “crick” is a stream you can jump over. A “creek” is a bigger than a crick because you can’t jump over it, but smaller than a river. And a “river”…well, a river should be pretty obvious.

Make Groceries

This one is pretty impressive. Apparently folks from the Tidewater regions are more industrious than the rest of us. They “make” their groceries, they don’t just buy them.

Monument Avenue

A famous avenue in Richmond lined with monuments dedicated to Confederate leaders and other historical figures.


Funny. “That geeks.” “You’re such a geeker.”

Virginia is for Lovers

The state’s tourism slogan, promoting Virginia as a welcoming and romantic destination.


“Yonder” is a distance, not a location…as in “Over yonder in the holler.” (And yes, it’s popular in Southwest Virginia, too). The best part about “yonder,” is that while it might get a bad rap for sounding country – it’s actually an Olde English term meaning “within sight, but not near.” Think Shakespeare…”What light through yonder window breaks?” So I say kudos. Way to keep it classy, Southside.

James River

The major river flowing through Virginia, known for its role in the state’s history and outdoor recreational opportunities.

Colonial Williamsburg

Refers to the restored historic area in Williamsburg, offering a glimpse into colonial-era Virginia.

Mount Vernon

The historic plantation home of George Washington, located along the Potomac River.


Refers to the sports teams of the University of Virginia, known as the Cavaliers.


Often used colloquially to refer to the capital city of Virginia, known for its rich history and cultural attractions.

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