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8 Crazy and Fascinating Facts About Washington That Will Surprise You




Got a few minutes to spare? How about using those minutes to learn about how Washington, the Evergreen State, isn’t just about majestic mountains and bustling cities?

Did you know that behind its serene facade lies a treasure trove of bizarre and captivating facts? These will leave you scratching your head in amazement!

Check out 8 crazy and fascinating facts about Washington that will surprise you:

1. You can find the world’s largest egg right here!

Source: Instagram

Have you ever imagined stumbling upon a colossal egg? Well, in Winlock,

Washington, dreams come true! This small town proudly boasts the world’s largest egg, towering at a whopping 12 feet tall and weighing over 1,200 pounds. Sunny-side up, anyone?

2. You will find the bridge to nowhere here!

Go deep in the Olympic National Forest, and there lies a bridge that leads… to literally nowhere. The aptly named “Bridge to Nowhere” spans over the rushing waters of the Queets River but ends abruptly, leaving visitors puzzled and intrigued by its purpose.

3. Mount Rainier’s ghost forest will leave you in awe.

Mount Rainier, Washington’s iconic large, active volcano, holds a chilling secret beneath its towering peaks – a ghost forest. People say that the eerie remnants of a once-thriving forest still haunt the depths of the tranquil waters of Spirit Lake since the eruption in 1980.

4. This state houses the largest Boeing manufacturing building in the world.

Source: Instagram

Boeing’s assembly plant in Everett is not just big; it’s colossal! It covers a staggering 98.3 acres and holds the title of the largest building by volume globally. In fact, you could fit Disneyland inside and still have room to spare!

5. One of the world’s first revolving restaurants was right here.

Source: Instagram

The thing is — Seattle isn’t just famous for its coffee. It is also home to one of the world’s first revolving restaurants. The Space Needle’s SkyCity restaurant offers diners a 360-degree panoramic view of the city while enjoying a scrumptious meal. Although it permanently closed now, those who visited the place can attest to its beauty!

6. The Giant Shoe Museum is a must-visit (and for a good reason!)

If you have a penchant for peculiar collections, then check out the World’s Largest Shoe Museum in Seattle! There are towering stilettos to clown-sized boots. The quirky museum houses over 2,000 pairs of shoes, each with its own unique story.

7. A quacktacular surprise awaits you at Duvall’s Annual Rubber Ducky Derby

Every year, the waters of the Snoqualmie River in Duvall transform into a frenzy of excitement during the town’s annual rubber ducky derby. Find thousands of rubber ducks race down the river, vying for the title of the fastest duck in town! That’s quite something, no?

8. An iconic Cherry Blossom event is celebrated here!

Source: Instagram

The National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C., celebrates the arrival of spring with the blooming of thousands of cherry blossom trees gifted by Japan. This iconic event features parades, cultural performances, and the breathtaking sight of delicate pink blossoms adorning the Tidal Basin, drawing visitors from around the globe.

Washington’s charm definitely extends far beyond its breathtaking landscapes and bustling cities. There are eccentric attractions that will delight visitors from near and far.

The next time you find yourself in Washington, keep your eyes peeled for these crazy and fascinating facts!

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