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10 Arizona Sunsets We *Definitely* Don’t Care About



What is So Special About an Arizona Sunset?

You’ve probably witnessed a sunset that took your breath away. Most people can say that they’ve experienced the best sunset. However, the truth of the matter is, if you’ve never experienced an Arizona sunset, then you’ve never truly seen how beautiful sunsets can be. Here are 10 examples of why the Arizona sunsets are the best.

1) Here’s a typical Arizona Sunset

The Arizona sunset peeking through red canyons and a part in the clouds.


Can someone please tell us what the big deal is here?

2) This Time the Sun is in Monument Valley

Monument Valley, Arizona sunset behind a rock cliff.


Because, honestly. All we’re seeing is a bunch of big rocks. 

3) One More Arizona Sunset Above Monument Valley

The red sunset makes silhouettes of Monument Valley.


Still just amazing, gorgeous, beautiful, breathtaking rocks. What’s the big deal huh?

4) An Arizona Sunset Behind Some Cacti

Cacti are silhouetted under the pink Arizona sun.


The sky looks like sherbet, and the cacti look like sun worshipers.

5) The Arizona Sky is on Fire

A fiery Arizona sky during sundown.


Some people say beautiful, we say this is just downright dangerous. We all know how dry it is out there! Fiery skies are no joke.

6) A Fiery Sunset Above a Road

A fire-red sky above an Arizona road.


It must be terrible, getting all that wonderful free vitamin D while driving home from work.

7) Gorgeous River Canyon Sunset

The sun sets above the Colorado River.


A gleaming river between canyon walls makes for the best sunset photo. This is evidence of that claim.

8) Sunset Over the Grand Canyon

The sun sets above a snowy Grand Canyon.


This is, like, a big deal, right? Of course it is. The Grand Canyon is always beautiful, but especially when the sun sets.

9) This is No Run-of-the-Mill Sunset

An Arizona desert landscape under a fiery sun.


I’m sure there are sunsets like this in lots of places. Oh wait, there aren’t. You’ll just have to come to Arizona to experience a sunset like this.

10) Arizona Sunsets Are Best Above Canyons

The sun sets above the beautiful Grand Canyon in Arizona.

We can’t imagine why anyone would be impressed by this at all. Except if maybe they love natural beauty. 

If you think you’ve got a picture that might show us the light (pun intended), drop it in the comments below!