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8 Restaurant Food Challenges In Arizona

Cheyenne Reed



Arizona offers an excellent selection of restaurants. Some of these restaurants go a little further than just preparing delicious meals. Some of them offer food challenges that if you manage to finish eating in one sitting, your meal is free! Fortunately for you, we have compiled a list of the different restaurants offering food challenges in Arizona.

1. The Ultimate Slider Challenge, Chompie’s

Chompie’s is another restaurant with a unique food challenge. The Ultimate Slider Challenge features twelve Jewish sliders on challah rolls, lined up in a circle around a mound of onion strings. All in all, this meal adds up to about five pounds of food. You’ve got thirty minutes to wolf it all down, and in return, you’ll get it free, along with a t-shirt and a coveted space on the Wall of Fame. Be forewarned, though. Even Man vs. Food show host Adam Richman couldn’t tackle this massive meal. If you’re feeling confident, you can’t be far from one of their five locations all across Arizona.

2. Full House Challenge, Tom’s BBQ


When you find out what you have to consume to be victorious for this food challenge at Tom’s BBQ, you’ll understand why the name is so clever. This is one of the timed food challenges in Arizona. With this challenge, you’ve got thirty-two minutes to chow down on three house sandwiches. Each sandwich individually consists of a fourth of a loaf of french bread full of BBQ’d meat. Variety shouldn’t be an issue, at least, since you’ll get three versions of the sandwich — one with brisket, one with pork, and one with turkey. Each sandwich also has grilled onions, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, peppers, and bordelaise sauce. But that isn’t all there is to the meal. You’ll also get a side of onion rings and a side of curly fries! Three of a kind sandwiches and two of a kind sides might equal a full house, but it’s a gamble as to how you’ll feel after attempting this challenge! Check it out at the Mesa or East Mesa locations.

Website: http://tomsbbq.com/challenge/

3. Brady Bacon Burger Challenge, Porkopolis


The name of this restaurant should be enough to alert you that you’re in for a meaty challenge. The Brady Bacon Burger Challenge is certainly not for anyone who doesn’t appreciate a protein-packed meal. This towering burger consists of three half-pound patties, intermixed with jack cheese, pulled pork, jalapeno coleslaw, and BBQ Aoli. Like many challenges, this monster of a burger has some sidekicks. You’ll also get half a pound of fries and half a pint of BBQ beans. If it’s all gone in under forty-five minutes, you’re welcome on the Hall of Fame and off the hook for the tab. Plus, you’ll get a free t-shirt so everyone will be aware of your accomplishments. If you fall victim to this meaty mountain of food, though, you can look forward to painful defeat. This challenge will cost you $35 if you don’t succeed. Check it out in Chandler!

Website: http://porkopolisbbqaz.com/

4. The Gambler’s Choice Challenge, Dirtwater Springs


At Dirtwater Springs, you can take on The Gambler’s Choice Challenge! This one definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. It features a crazy big seventy-two ounce U.S. Prime Sirloin Steak. But a more than hearty main dish doesn’t mean that they skimp on side dishes. You’ll also have your choice of soup or salad, some form of potato, a vegetable, and a dinner roll. They’ve generously given you an hour to chow down on this several pound meal. If you make it under the time limit, your meal is on them, plus you’ll get a t-shirt. But if not, you’ll be facing the music when the check comes. This steak will cost you $62.95 if you just don’t have what it takes. Try it in Apache Junction.

Website: http://dirtwatersprings.com/

5. Hobo Eggs Challenge, Crazy Otto’s Diner


Crazy Otto’s Diner is famous for its gargantuan omelets, and it’s where you’ll find the hobo eggs challenge. While a lot of meal challenges include a ridiculous amount of meat, this restaurant takes a different approach. The hobo eggs meal consists of as many scrambled eggs as will fit on a plate, mixed with hash browns, mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers, and bacon, all with toast on the side. Perhaps this unique breakfast-themed belly-buster is just the challenge for able eaters whose favorite food group isn’t meat. Why not give it a whirl? The meal is free if you can eat it all in under an hour, and it will only cost you $13 if you find you weren’t eggs-actly as hungry as you thought you were. Swing by if you’re in Phoenix.

6. Giligan’s Bar


Giligan’s Bar is the place to be for the foodie who appreciates variety. Here they have not one, but several meal challenges for those who are feeling adventurous. Win any one of six challenges and you’ll not only get your meal for free, but you’ll also be rewarded with a $50 tab at the bar. For the meat lovers, there’s the Old 96er — a two-pound burger — or two dozen hot wings with sides. Other off the wall challenges include twenty corn dogs, 144 tiny pizza rolls, an entire family-sized bag of tater tots, or a thirteen egg omelet with sides. Pick your poison and get to chowing down! Find them in Scottsdale!

Website: http://www.giliginsbar.com/

7. Il Primo

food challenges.com
food challenges.com

If you’re feeling a little intimidated by these food challenges, this one might make you feel a little better. You can bring a friend to help you out! You’ll definitely be needing some help though since your food challenge options are a thirty-inch pizza with pounds of cheese or a whole bunch of really hot wings. Win either one of these food challenges in Arizona and gain a spot on the Wall of Fame. But if you conquer the pizza challenge, you’ll get free pizza for a year! Talk about incentive! Feeling motivated? Head on over to any one of their five locations.

Website: http://www.ilprimoaz.com/

8. Papa Chulo’s Mexican Grill & Cantina


Everyone knows that Arizona has awesome Mexican food, and at Papa Chulo’s, you can get a whole lot of it. This is one of the most epic food challenges in Arizona. When they say big burrito, don’t be fooled. You’ve probably heard those words before, but when they say them here, what it means is that you might end up with a six-pound, two-ounce burrito. Finish it off in under half an hour and they’ll cover the $20 meal for you. If you’ve got a stomach of steel, set out for Scottsdale.

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