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A Prohibition-Style Cocktail Bar Is Hidden Beneath the Streets of Downtown Gilbert and It’s Amazing



Gilbert, the fastest growing city in Arizona is known for being a large farming community. People here often lived at a slower pace than in other places. No wonder that the first speakeasy just opened in downtown Gilbert 2 years ago. Since 2018, this hidden cocktail bar has been serving passionate hospitability (and delicious cocktails) to their guests! If you are looking for a place to escape, and want the thrill of “finding it,” we’ve got the place just for you. Keep reading to know how you can visit more about The White Rabbit.

This Hidden Cocktail Bar in Gilbert, the White Rabbit, Was Inspired by Prohibition in the 1920s

The White Rabbit’s concept was greatly influenced by Dr. O’Hare, a doctor who started his practice in the early 1910s. There was a constitutional ban on alcoholic drinks in the United States from the 1920s to the early 1930s. Naturally, this Prohibition had led a drought to alcohol drinkers. Can you imagine a life without alcohol? Apparently, Dr. O’Hare can’t, so he decided to prescribe alcoholic concoctions to his patients in his apothecary. To make full use of this business, he decided to build the first-ever speakeasy bar as a part of his apothecary. Since this is illegal and it’s supposed to be a secret, customers were given a password to gain access.

The White Rabbit follows this formula by Dr. O’Hare. Interested patrons are given ways to get the password and you have to figure out where’s the entrance. Nowadays, you will still feel the thrill of entering a “secret place,” but we can only imagine the rush of going inside a hidden bar back in the days.

How Can One Get Inside the White Rabbit?

This may be an exaggeration, but you need to get through a needle to enter The White Rabbit. But we’re sure, the experience will be totally worth it. To be able to gain access, you should first subscribe to their email or VIP list then wait for an email regarding the password and directions. We guess you could say, it’s really pretty exclusive! The password changes monthly. Even if you go there this month, you still have to sign up for their list the next time you go there.

Just to help you out a little bit, you can find this hidden cocktail bar in the basement of the Heritage Court Building. You also have to look for a red light on the stairwell to check whether the bar is open. If it’s open, you can just go down the stairs into a hallway and open up the wall down the way. The most elegant room you’ve ever seen in Arizona will unfold right before your eyes. The 1920s vibe and decor make the place unique, and fun to explore.

The White Rabbit has a wide selection of spirits, wine, and beer. They even serve a variety of bites that complement the cocktails well. You will surely have a fun time! However, they do not serve dinner, so you shouldn’t come here with an empty stomach. Some of the appetizers or light eats you will enjoy are peach brie puffs, truffle mac macaroni, Southwest chicken macaroni, and bacon-wrapped dates. Make sure you also try their watermelon salad that comes with feta and mint.

Pair up your wine with the rotating charcuterie board that comes with a selection of meat and cheese! For the drink recommendations, their signatures include Taliesin West (inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture), Chasing Rabbits, and Meadow Gimlet!

The Owners of This Hidden Bar Traveled to Different Places to Perfect the Speakeasy Concept

Are you curious about the history of The White Rabbit? We are, too!

The bar was built because the owners thought that Gilbert was missing something – a place where people can just chill and enjoy amazing cocktails. They went to different cocktail bars in Chicago, New York, and even as far as in London to create the perfect concept for The White Rabbit. You could say that it takes inspiration from different bars.

This bar’s theme is the 1920s, luxurious Victorian style. You will see how classy their comfortable blue tufted coaches and cocktail tables are! There are also a lot of vintage photographs on the wall which makes the ambiance complete. Who wouldn’t be able to chill here? This is also a perfect place for a romantic first date.

Just so you know, they sell Prohibition-inspired drinks, like those included Dr. O’Hare’s Private Stash Spirits in their menu. There’s also different kind of cocktails, spirits, flights offered and delicious food to match your drinks.

The White Rabbit Takes Safety Precautions Seriously

Like everyone else, business must go on despite the pandemic. The White Rabbit established some guidelines for guests and staff so you can continue to have a wonderful and safe experience in this speakeasy. Here are some reminders if you want to visit them:

  • Your temperature will be checked upon your entry
  • You should wear a mask at all times if you’re not at your table
  • Reserved parties will have a maximum of 1 hour 30 minutes and must not have more than 8 guests
  • Moving from one seat to another is not allowed
  • Social distancing must be practiced and it should not get crowded at the entrance or restrooms
  • Strictly no smoking at all times

The White Rabbit Details

Location: 207 N Gilbert Road Gilbert, Arizona 85234
Website: The White Rabbit

Have you ever been to The White Rabbit? How was your experience? Feel free to share it with us!

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