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Eat a 4-Course Meal While Watching a Medieval Jousting Show inside an 11th-Century Style Castle in Scottsdale



There is no shortage of fun things to do in Arizona. You can sleep inside a tree house for a getaway, strut off into the sunset while looking at great desert views, or explore the cool underground attractions. However, if you are looking for something different, you might want to go back to medieval times and feel the rush and excitement of jousting. Medieval Times Scottsdale is now open and it lets you enjoy a tasty 4-course feast while watching a jousting show. Doesn’t that sound incredibly exciting? Well, that’s exactly why you should keep reading…

Watch Epic Battles of Steel and Steed at Medieval Times Scottsdale

Medieval Times Scottsdale Jousting arizona show

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Who would have thought that Medieval Spain would land in the Grand Canyon State?

Hang on to your helmet and get ready for an exciting adventure inside the stone walls of an 11th century castle. As a spectator, you will finally see in person how the Knight and horse are linked in battle. The medieval warrior and the stalwart horse will keep you on the edge of your seats as they battle it out and show you what true strength and courage are.

Medieval Warriors

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We are sure that the two-hour action-packed tournament will have you screaming at the top of your lungs. In fact, the whole audience will be screaming with you. Pick the warrior you need to support and witness how they clash their way to Queen’s champion to be named the Champion of the Realm.

Warrior in a Castle

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The performers are absolutely amazing and they portray the fight scenes flawlessly. You can only admire their authentic jousting, sword fighting, and medieval games of skill. Another showstopper would probably be the Andalusian stallions with their art of dressage. Expect also to see a falcon take flight above the Grand Arena, making sure the show and experience are as authentic as possible.

You Can Even Dine With The Queen

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What else is there to do at this old castle other than watch the jousting show? The answer is to eat like a king or queen! When you come to Medieval Times Scottsdale, expect Queen Maria Isabella to welcome you to dine with her and her royal court. She is known to be a generous host, so the royal chefs in charge will prepare her favorite meals just for you.

Medieval Times feast

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The food provided is the Medieval Times’ noble guests feast that includes tomato bisque soup, roasted chicken, sweet buttered corn, and garlic bread. You will also enjoy some herb-basted potato, the dessert of the Castle, coffee, and two rounds of select beverages. You have a choice of non-alcoholic beverages, but you can always request any spirits from the bar if you want to have a chill time.

Medieval Times feast arizona show

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Not fond of the whole Medieval Times’ feast? Well, the Queen also has vegetarian meals for individuals that are particular about what they eat. If you choose that option, you will receive hummus, a pita bread, carrot and celery sticks, and three-bean stew with fire-roasted tomato and brown rice. In addition, you will also get fresh fruit or Italian ice, coffee, and two rounds of select beverages. Please note that vegetarian meals are available upon request. Vegetarian meals are available upon request.

What Can You Expect From This Scottsdale Castle?

Scottsdale Castle

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All tickets are inclusive of the two-hour action-packed live show as well as the yummy four-course meal. But if you want the whole VIP experience, you may opt to upgrade your tickets. Do that and you’ll experience the Queen’s Royalty Package that comes with Priority Castle Access, Priority Seating Access, and a VIP First Row All-Section Seating or Second Row in Center Section. You will also get a cheering banner, a VIP lanyard, and a framed entrance group photo. This is perfect for the visiting guests who will only stay in Scottsdale or in Arizona for a while.

If you want to avail of a package that’s fitting for a big group, you can purchase the Celebration Package. It also comes with Priority Castle Access, Priority Seating Access, a cheering banner, a VIP lanyard, and a group photo for each member of the party. That way, everyone can cherish fun memories together. You will also enjoy a tasty slice of the birthday cake, and a personalized announcement during the show.

The last option is the Royalty Package and it comes with Priority Castle Access, Priority Seating Access, VIP Seating, a cheering banner, and a VIP lanyard.

Whatever package you choose, we are sure you’ll have an awesome time! After all, it’s not everyday you get to celebrate medieval style!

What You Should Expect From Medieval Times Scottsdale

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  • The only thing better than suiting up for fun at Her Majesty’s castle is knowing that the place is fun, secure, and safe for the whole family. With the global health crisis, the management (or rather, her royal court) made some modifications to ensure you will enjoy your time inside a safe and comfortable environment.
Scottsdale Castle

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  • All visitors are strictly monitored inside the Grand Ceremonial Arena to ensure that everyone is practicing social distancing. You need to stand a minimum of 6 feet between groups for extra elbow room and rigorous cheering!
  • There are digital beverage menus accessible through the smartphones and disposable table cards. Use these to minimize contact.
  • Medieval Times Scottsdale show cast will not be signing any autographs during this time. This is to protect all valued guests and team members.
  • You can purchase the tickets online to avoid hassle or stress. Check out their website regularly to see if there are promos.

Medieval Times Scottsdale Details

Scottsdale arizona horse jousting

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Ticket Prices:
$45.95 for adults
$35.95 for children 12 and under

To book, call 1-888-WE-JOUST (935-6878). Check out their website to see their promotions and available show dates. It is best to book ahead of time online so you’ll also minimize contact with other people.

Website Link: https://www.medievaltimes.com/purchase-tickets/index.html?c=10

We kid you not. This place is absolutely phenomenal to pass up. If you want to enjoy some quality time with your family and friends, this should definitely be on your must-visit list! If you loved this medieval place, you might also be interested to know more about the hidden castle in Camelback Mountain that looks like a film location for Game of Thrones!