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There is an Abandoned Lisa Frank Building Right Here in Arizona that is Colorfully Creepy



They say the best adventures often take you somewhere offbeat and unexpected! If you’re in need of a good time, why not ransport yourself to a neon-drenched, unicorn-adorned wonderland of the ’90s – with a twist? 

There is an abandoned building that was once the creative epicenter of the iconic Lisa Frank empire, and it is nestled right here in the heart of Arizona! Yes, you read that right – the queen of rainbow-hued dreams and technicolor fantasies has a forgotten castle, and it’s as colorfully creepy as it gets. 

The Abandoned Lisa Frank Building is a whimsical world that will intrigue you!

Abandoned Lisa Frank Building

Source: Instagram

As some visitors might put it, this place is where the ghosts of psychedelic pandas and groovy dolphins might just be lingering in the hallways. But before anything else, we need to understand one thing — who is Lisa Frank? 

Lisa Frank is the founder and CEO of Lisa Frank Incorporated. She is actually popular for producing the colorful designs for school supplies, as well as other items that are primarily intended for the kids and some adolescents. Back in the ’80s and ’90s, Lisa Frank was a household name, and it was synonymous with all things bright and cheerful. 

From school supplies to stickers, Lisa Frank’s psychedelic designs became an essential part of growing up in that era. And right in the heart of Tucson, Arizona, the Lisa Frank headquarters stood tall, buzzing with the creative energy that brought technicolor dreams to life.

The once-thriving headquarters succumbed to the passage of time

Abandoned Lisa Frank Building arizona

Source: Instagram

Lisa Frank stickers became cherished relics of a bygone era, proof that the  ’90s faded into nostalgia. 

The once vibrant palace of imagination ended up getting abandoned, but it still spoke of Lisa Frank sticker’s history and contribution to lives of thousands in the form of rainbows, unicorns, and a touch of mystery. It still has its vibrant secrets, and it’s waiting for the next person to explore it! 

The Abandoned Lisa Frank Building radiates pure Lisa Frank magic in the past

Abandoned Lisa Frank Building

Source: Instagram

Approaching the building, you’d notice the stark contrast to the once-bright facade in the past. It is still a visual spectacle, but it’s not quite as cheerful as it is. Some people say that you could still feel Lisa Frank’s creativity. 

Journey through the abandoned corridors of creativity inside the Abandoned Lisa Frank Building. The dusty hallways reveal glimpses of forgotten offices, each one a potential treasure trove of Lisa Frank memorabilia, now weathered by time. You can walk and think it’s a trip down memory lane. It is interesting, but it still gives you that eerie or colorfully creepy feeling. 

Facebook/ Edlin Romero

Facebook/ Edlin Romero

Whether you’re in need of a dose of nostalgia, a pinch of mystery, or something totally different in your travel plans, you should consider adding the Abandoned Lisa Frank Building to your list! 

Who knows what you’d find in this kaleidoscopic ghost town of creativity? 

Abandoned Lisa Frank Building

Address: 6760 Lisa Frank Ave Tucson, Arizona, United States