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This Magical Trail in Sedona, Arizona is Believed to Heal Visitors



Do you want to renew your sense of wonder while finding a deeper connection to yourself and the earth? Many spiritual destinations around the world can give you extraordinary power. If you are in pursuit of such sacred places, you should also learn about Boynton Canyon in Sedona, Arizona believed to heal its visitors! Many people have already experienced how Boynton Canyon is a sanctuary for those who want to find a higher vision.

Don’t believe us? Check out this beautiful place now:

A Spiritual Destination

Boynton Canyon Sedona Arizona
Source: A scenic site, Boynton Canyon | Mark Frank

How do you describe a spiritual destination? If you ask us, it is something that is based on specific belief systems and has the power to bring you beauty, knowledge, connectedness, and inner peace. It doesn’t necessarily pertain to a sacred site honoring a specific religion. Some are man-made, while some are a natural wonder. There are also other destinations based on energy and vibration.

The only thing you need to know is that you’ll feel love and light when you visit a spiritual destination.

The Canyon With a Healing Heart

Vortexes are found in special spots or sacred sites around the world with energy that moves in a spiral manner, drawing to its center everything that surrounds it just like a tornado. Simply put, a vortex is a place where the earth seems exceptionally alive with energy. Don’t you think it’s better than staying in a 5-star hotel?

The Boynton Canyon in Arizona is believed to heal all its visitors because it is one of the few vortex spots in the world. It is a “balanced” vortex, meaning, it possesses both masculine and feminine energy. It is said people who visit such a vortex can gain clarity and find a higher vision for their lives.

In fact, many people think that the entire canyon is filled with such enlightenment so it’s highly ideal for meditation. The energy from this destination can strengthen one’s spiritual balance. The canyon is also amazing in itself and has something for everyone.

Where is the vortex?

Visitors may access the Boynton Canyon Vortex from the Boynton Canyon Trail. You can just follow the signs for the Vista Trail as well as the red trail markers. You may hike around the backside and climb the saddle between two spires. Then, you will reach the vortex epicenter located on the bare rock on the saddle, just a little over .5 mile from the parking areas. You may also keep your eyes open for the 30-foot-high hill because it’s where the energy is the strongest.

Note: Some people claim that there are two vortexes in the Boynton Canyon. According to them, these are the tall red rock formation off the east (Kachina Woman) and another unnamed red rock formation off to the west.

A beauty that never goes unnoticed

Despite being one of Sedona’s biggest attractions, the Boynton Canyon proves that there’s more to it that the sought-after energy. All hikers would surely be in awe of the surrounding Secret Canyon Wilderness Area and the red rock formations!

Imagine getting an elevated view of the surroundings. It’s no wonder many hikers would need some time alone after reaching the top so they can sit in the shade and revel in the wonder of Boynton Canyon. To say it is beautiful is a major understatement – and that’s something both the locals or frequent-goers, and first-time visitors would agree on!

Go to this beautiful destination with an open heart and receive the healing you need in your life. May it be healing from stress, frustration, or regrets – this will be your safe space.

Have you been to the Boynton Canyon before? Share your experiences with us in the comments section below!

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