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Hike Through This Pink Slot Canyon in Arizona to Discover Jaw-Dropping Emerald Swimming Pools

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Have you ever dreamt of visiting a magical place and swimming in glistening emerald waters? That seems like a true paradise, right? Everyone appreciates a good soak in a place of solitude. However, it just so happens that the great things in life aren’t particularly easy to get. That statement also becomes a fact when you’re out exploring the wonders in Arizona. You have to exert effort before enjoying a true, unforgettable adventure. Are you ready to explore the jaw-dropping emerald swimming pools through pink slot canyons? Check out Salome Jug.

There Exists a Swimming Wonderland in Arizona and It’s Called Salome Jug

Salome Jug az

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Come to Sierra Ancha Mountains in Tonto National Forest, and you’ll find a pink slot canyon that will lead you to a swimming wonderland. You must be asking in your seat right now: Really? How come I’ve never heard of this place before? Well, that’s why we’re here to educate you!

The Salome Canyon, or better known as “The Jug” is famous for its beauty and unique geology. It is actually a hidden gem you can find against a mountain side frequented by many adventurers. If you don’t know about this place, then you’d never expect to find what you’re about to discover!

The canyon itself is typically broken into two sections. There is the upper part, and there is also a lower part. The upper part is pretty long and requires semi-technical canyoneering. On the other hand, the lower section is easier to access, and also boasts challenging and technical canyoneering in Southern Arizona.

Here’s the deal. You have to experience a lot of canyoneering here before you can enjoy the emerald water swimming pools. But think about it. It’s pretty worth it. The canyoneering adventure is even more fun because you get to immerse and soak in emerald pools. That should keep you going!

When Is the Best Time to Visit Salome Jug?

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For some reason, Arizona has its way to keep itself hotter than you would expect. So you should definitely plan your trip to Salome Jug when the weather is not too hot, but also not during the monsoon season. To get the best experience of your Salome Jug trip, you should visit anytime from late springtime to early summertime. Of course, we’re not stopping you from discovering this hidden gem at a time most convenient to you. It’s your call, anyway. You can visit any time of the year but you need to be cautious of the weather conditions that could make your trip difficult. Be prepared before visiting!

You need to know that experienced travelers have it easier than beginners. If you’re not confident enough to go on this trip on your own, you should definitely consider getting a guided tour. The guides will help you along the way, and they can also share some stories about the place. You can also search the web for other hikers’ log on their experience here. It will really be useful!

We’re Sure About This: The Hike Is Worth It!

Hiking to a swimming destination is pretty normal in Arizona. Isn’t that what you already usually do? If you’re visiting Salome Jug, you should be prepared to take on a moderate hiking trail and eventually cross waters to reach the sought-after paradise.

water level salome jug

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Depending on the time and season you’re visiting, remember that walking into the waters may be easy or difficult. The level of water may range from waist level to chest-deep. If you get tired, you can have your hiking buddy carry you! Or you can also do it the other way around.

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You can also slide around the natural waterslides along the route. However, we need to remind you to be extra careful. You don’t want any accidents in your beautiful outdoor trip. The experienced hiker should also come down first, just so he or she can support the first-timers.

Our last reminder is for you to always be alert! Tap into your presence of mind. Since you’ll be in the wilderness, you may see or encounter Diamondback or Arizona Black Rattlesnakes. Don’t panic because they won’t budge if you just stay away from them.

Before you see the open area of emerald swimming pools, there’s a 50-foot waterfall you need to conquer. Yes, that’s right. You need to man up. You can jump if it’s safe to do (or if you are used to this), otherwise, just opt for the safer way and just rappel down. Once your feet touches the ground, congratulations! You are now at the center of the Salome Jug and you can freely enjoy swimming to the fullest!

What You Should Know

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Before going, you should know that you’ll be wet while hiking the pink slot canyons to Salome Jug. Water could be chilly so you should wear clothes that will support the said water experience. It also helps if you bring and wear water shoes, as well as a waterproof bag for your things. If you’ll bring devices such as phone and cameras, be sure to put them inside waterproof cases.

A day pass to visit Salome Jug is only $8. Isn’t that a bang for your buck? Also, take note that they only allow a group of 15 people for each trip so you better plan ahead.

Are You Coming Here For the First Time?

Here’s what you should expect:

  • This hike is definitely enjoyable. You may find the cliff jumping spot at the end a little scary and nervy for your first time. Breathe in, breathe out, jump, and it will be over. The roped path is also slippery, so proceed with caution. Even though some parts of Salome Jug will give you a scare, you’ll still think it’s super fun!
  • There will be an uphill climb and you’ll struggle for a bit. Just think about the final destination and you’ll be motivated to push through.
  • You may want to consider going here if you don’t know how to swim, or if you’re afraid of heights. There are some first-timers who hiked this trail, but didn’t jump at the end. They had to turn around and do nearly the entire hike again up stream.
  • Remember to bring water for the hike. It’s hot!

What are you waiting for? It’s time for a fun-filled wet adventure!

Location: A-Cross Rd, Tonto Basin, Arizona, 85553

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