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This Store in Arizona Has Been Serving Visitors From Across the World on Route 66 Since 2007

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There is something about a nostalgic destination that makes it so worth your trip. It’s not just about going someplace old or transporting you to the past. It also fuels your imagination to see the world with fresh eyes. No matter where you come from, you might have heard of the famous Route 66, which is one of America’s oldest and most famous highways. Did you know that the 2,400-mile stretch of road will (literally) let you Return to the 50s?

Return to the 50s Is a Quirky Shop in Arizona With Lots of Beautiful Things to Look at

Storefront Return to the 50s az

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You only need to come to Seligman to see this beautiful shop that has made a lot of people smile since 2007. Return to the 50s may seem like one’s wishful thinking. However, the name also stands for a good destination that you should take a look at. It reminds everyone of the glory days of the highway by displaying all sorts of colorful items that will literally take you to the past.

Route 66 Merchandise

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It is actually a converted gas station or garage. While it is not as fancy as other big museums in Arizona, you won’t be disappointed with it! It is really a sight. Quite like Seligman, it shows a lot of quirks. You will find cowboy hats, old signages, cool figures, shirts, and other vintage items.

Route 66 Memorabilia

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The Route 66 memorabilia might be a good gift suggestion for your family and friends. Similarly, you can check out other cool items if you want home decor.

While you are there, we suggest talking with the owner or the staff to learn more about the past – particularly about Seligman and Route 66.

Route 66 Truly Lives On

Return to the 50s arizona

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Imagine having a place dedicated to honoring one of America’s oldest and most famous highways. That’s awesome, right? Those who have already been to Return to the 50s will recommend this as a stopover. It is simply a hidden gem. The humble shop has a mixture of 40s and 50s items, letting anyone who wishes to reminisce about the good old days, bring home a souvenir. It already has everything you need.

Return to the 50s Gift Shop

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After you are done looking at the cool and interesting items, you should also check out the vintage cars and motorcycles around. It would seem as if you are literally transported to Cars’ Radiator Springs.

Allot an Hour if You Want to Look Around Return to the 50s

Return to the 50s

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Are you finally including this place in your travel plans? We recommend allotting at least an hour, or maybe even more, to look around. The humble shop is open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm daily at 22325 West Historic Route 66, Seligman, Arizona 86337.

About Seligman

Seligman Arizona

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Seligman was originally a railroad town encampment named Prescott Junction. Eventually, the town changed its name to honor its railroad financier, Jesse Seligman. You will find it between Flagstaff and Kingman.

Before it transitioned to becoming the iconic Route 66 town, it was once known as a railroad town. However, the town suffered a devastating economic blow when Seligman was bypassed by Interstate-40 in 1978. If you think that setback would only erase Seligman from the map, you are mistaken. If only, it only made Seligman residents, most notably Angel Delgadillo, to convince the State of Arizona to dedicate Route 66 as a historic highway. Since then, Seligman gained its name as the birthplace of the historic Route 66.

You can only guess the outcome. There has been a renewed worldwide interest in Route 66. Not to mention, other people came to love learning about the old-fashioned Americana that the highway represents. There is a reason why Pixar’s much-talked-about animated feature Cars took inspiration from the little Route 66 town.

If you love to travel and would want to visit the town that fought for the rebirth and the greater appreciation for the historic road, then this is the best place to be.

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