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Top 5 Haunted Cities in Arizona That Will Give You Chills




As a Professional Ghost Hunter, I have traveled the state of Arizona in search of the most haunted locations and most active spirits! From haunted hotels in Arizona to the forgotten ghost towns, this is my list of the most haunted cities I have come across in my travels.

1) Jerome / dustin_j_williams

Have you been to Jerome? If not, it’s a must-see, whether you are looking for a paranormal experience or just an excellent day trip. Jerome is an old mining town situated on the side of the mountain. That’s right, the side of a mountain! The mountain is called Cleopatra Hill and is adorned with many Victorian houses.

It’s full of old-world charm, with all original buildings…which may be why it’s so haunted! There isn’t a corner of Jerome that doesn’t have a ghost story attached to it. From the Haunted Hamburger to the Connor Hotel, there are ghost stories everywhere. But, the crown jewel of Jerome is the Jerome Grand Hotel. It was once a hospital with a dark history. Now it has its own unique restaurant called The Asylum. The Jerome Grand Hotel is the center of most of the paranormal activity in Jerome. It is one of the most haunted hotels in Arizona.

The greed and violence in Jerome’s history have created a town full of specters from beyond.

2) Bisbee

If you take a walk down the streets of downtown Bisbee, you’ll feel as though you’re living in a different century. But be wary who you bump up against, it just might be one of the many ghosts inhabiting this old mining town.

Easily one of the most haunted hotels in Arizona is the Copper Queen Hotel. It is home to many spirits such as Miss Julia Lowell (the former lady of the night), a young boy, and a dignified gentleman who is thought to be the ghost of a former employee.

The Oliver House has a dark past, riddled in unsolved murders and the spirits who are trying to solve them. It made number 2 on my list because no matter where you go to Bisbee, someone has a personal ghost story!

3) Prescott

Prescott is a beautiful town located north of Phoenix. A great getaway from the heat, and an excellent place for an eerie encounter! The Courthouse square downtown is home to many haunted locations.

Two of these are of the scariest haunted hotels in Arizona:

Hassayampa Inn

  • This hotel is haunted by a woman named “Faith” who hung herself in the clock tower.

The Hotel Vendome

  • The spirits that roam through this hotel’s halls include a human and a cat. It is said to be the former owner and her precious cat.

These two are the most haunted locations in Prescott:

The Elk’s Opera House

  • Full-body apparitions of past guests and performers have been seen lurking the hallways as well as occupying seats during live shows.

The Palace Saloon and Restaurant

  • Along Whiskey Row, this is where I’ve experienced this haunting firsthand! Underneath the public first story is an underground that used to be home to a brothel, opiate den, and museums. It’s also home to a crafty shadow figure who dodged around corners, and left us quite a few EVP’s!

4) Tombstone

With so much rich history coming out of Tombstone, it’s no doubt that it made the most haunted list. From the OK Corral to Boothill Graveyard, this town is full of haunted locations. As a Paranormal Investigator, I was most fascinated by the Birdcage Theater. Once a thriving theater, it is now a museum and home to many haunted objects and people who just didn’t want to leave. The most prominent ghost at the Birdcage is a lady in white who can be seen going to and from the stage. But I saw a smokey white face on my trip, so enter at your own risk!

5. Goldfield Ghost Town

flickr / dorameulman

Our journey starts out just east of Mesa on the Apache Trail. Once a thriving mining town, Goldfield is now a charming town of museums and attractions- and many spirits have decided to call it home too! The brothel is reportedly the most active building in the town since one of the employees passed away. A large man is known to guard the door at the brothel, while EVP’s (electronic voice phenomena) indicate that there are also still the spirits of miners down in the mine.

Arizona is so full of history and haunting charm, these are just the five that top my list!

John Ghost is a professional writer and SEO director. He graduated from Arizona State University with a BA in English (Writing, Rhetorics, and Literacies). As he prepares for graduate school to become an English professor, he writes weird fiction, plays his guitars, and enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters. He lives in the Valley of the Sun. Learn more about John on MuckRack.

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