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What to know about Blue Heart Springs in Idaho




Potatoes, huckleberries, trout, and a variety of different gemstones are what Idaho is usually known for. But more than star garnets, jaspers, opals, and quartzes, Idaho is also well-known for its lava tubes, ghost towns, and numerous picturesque landscapes that house a protected wilderness you’ll want to immerse yourself in.

Mother Nature sure knows which places to mold with her hands and sprinkles with a few more quirks and perks that will captivate you. But more than what Idaho has already offered to its locals and tourists alike, there is still one of the few slightly untouched bodies of water that not many cameras have captured yet.

If you love to embark on an adventure on the waters, wear a lifejacket while kayaking, or simply enjoy a body of water that doesn’t include seas, lakes, and small ponds, Idaho has the best place for you. The bluest of blue lagoons you’ll ever see sits snugly and hidden in the eyes of the public in Idaho’s Hagerman.

How The Blue Heart Springs in Hagerman Came To Be


The Blue Heart Springs is a part of the Snake River near the Thousand Springs State Park in Hagerman, Idaho. It has always been hidden in this area sitting peacefully until a few people kayaking around discovered the blue waters that seem to transport them to the Caribbean islands instead of southern Idaho.

Fifteen thousand years ago, the Blue Heart Springs, along with the Snake River and all else surrounding it, is thought to have been formed by a whirlpool that caused the Bonneville Flood. This whirlpool carved the Snake River Aquifer, creating the springs’ water supply. Now, you can enjoy the Blue Heart Springs’ crystal clear blue water at a steady temperature that’s best for any water activity you plan. However, the locals and tourists love to kayak and swim as long as the weather permits.

To Hike or To Kayak? Hmm, Which Is The Better Way To Use?


Blue Heart Springs remained a secret lagoon after all these years because of its accessibility. Apart from being underground for an estimated 100 to 150 years before emerging into a beautiful heart-shaped lagoon teeming with the bluest tropical waters you’ll ever see, the Blue Heart Springs is North America’s 13th largest freshwater spring. It doesn’t seem like it, does it?

Unlike other freshwater springs with several modes of transportation ranging from the easiest to the hardest, the Blue Heart Springs only gives you two choices to get there: you either hike or kayak, and there’s nothing in between. But don’t worry; it won’t be as hard as you think it will be.

If you’re coming from the nearby Box Canyon, you can hike and see the wonderful waters of the Blue Heart Springs that will keep your jaw on the floor for the longest time. That is only if you’re up for a challenge because the hike down from the famous Box Canyon is known to be difficult, and the reward you’ll have is the Blue Heart Springs.

If you don’t have your hiking gear, you can always kayak your way in. The impossibly calm waters of the Blue Heart Springs make it a kayaker’s paradise at best. The round-trip from Banbury Hot Springs will take about 4.8 kilometers or 3 miles. Meanwhile, if you’re coming from Ritter Island, kayaking or water paddling will take you about 6 to 8 hours. Remember to load up on sunscreen because you’ll be under the hot sun for hours! Don’t worry; it’s a once-in-a-lifetime adventure you’ll be excited to embark on.

Where’s The Heart In The Blue Heart Springs?


Blue is the color of the waters on the Blue Heart Springs, but where’s the heart? If you look far enough, the lagoon takes the shape of a human heart, hence the name. Blue Heart Springs is one of the most peaceful springs you’ll ever visit. The only sounds you’ll hear apart from the voice of your companions are nature and the springwater bubbles coming from beneath the Earth, replenishing the crystal clear freshwaters that will capture your heart.

Everything about Blue Heart Springs is just so breathtaking. The kayak trip leading to the area is surrounded by lush greeneries that you’ll want to keep a memory of with your cameras, and the sweet sound of nature will leave you more than relaxed and replenished even as you tire away from paddling.

But more than the greenery and the quiet river you’ll pass through while getting to your secret destination, the Blue Heart Springs is also surrounded by lava rock from the Box Canyon. The location is a perfect mix of rocky canyon and forested areas, protecting the crystal clear blue waters of the freshwater spring.

Kayaking, Hiking… What Else Can You Do On The Blue Heart Springs?


Fifty-eight degrees sounds like the best temperature a body of water can maintain, especially during summer. That’s precisely the temperature of the Blue Heart Springs, which is kept consistently throughout the different seasons in southern Idaho. That said, swimming is a great activity made safe by the springwater and its extremely visible water bed. After your kayaking experience, motorboat ride, or even the hard hike from the Box Canyon, you can enjoy a dip in the cool waters of the Blue Heart Springs and relax as the bubbles of the spring beneath you make their way through.

Things To Remember Before Embarking On Your Lagoon Adventure


If one thinks about it, Kayaking and water paddling can be a somewhat basic water activity. Maybe all you need to bring is a pair of bathing suits, and that’s it? But actually, you’ll need to bring a little more than that when going to Blue Heart Springs in southern Idaho. The kayak or motorboat trip can be somewhat lengthy if you’re a little bit impatient to see the little slice of paradise somewhere in the Snake River, so be sure to bring the following:

  • Dry bag – to keep all your belongings, such as extra clothing, mobile phones, and more.
  • Life jacket – bring your own if you’re kayaking alone, or rent one from the kayak rentals.
  • Compact towels
  • Food – snacks, lunch, some munchies, and extra water for your daytime stay at the lagoon

Of course, while you’re enjoying your time at the Blue Heart Springs, remember to look after yourself and leave no trail behind, so the beauty of the blue paradise can be kept pristinely for generations to come and for the people after you to enjoy it as much as you did, too.

Remember that there are no kayak rentals on Sundays; the place gets somewhat crowded on Saturdays, so plan your trips accordingly, and remember to check whether there will be heavy winds during your day trip because it can affect the quality of your travel to the Blue Heart Springs.


Now that you’ve discovered this hidden blue slice of Caribbean paradise in southern Idaho that’s currently picking up the spotlight, you can add a few more types of adventure to your bucket list. Mother Nature did a great job making this one, didn’t she? This beautiful, tropical, cool lagoon hidden on the sidelines of a big long river offers a fairly easy kayaking trip and an extremely awesome yet peaceful spot to hang out during the summer and fall days. Book your trip now and experience the magnificence of the Gem State, more than what it is originally famous for.

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