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Here are 23 Slang Terms You’ll Only Understand if you’re from Idaho



Welcome to the Gem State, where the landscape is as diverse as the lexicon that echoes through its mountains and valleys. From “Tater Tot” endearments to the whimsical “Potato Drop” traditions, Idaho’s slang reflects the heart of a state known for more than just its potatoes. In this exploration of 23 laugh-inducing slang terms, join us on a journey through the charming colloquialisms that make being an Idahoan a unique and humorous experience.

Gem State

Idaho’s official nickname, occasionally used humorously to play on the state’s abundant gem resources.

Spud State

A playful nod to Idaho’s most famous export, potatoes, often used in a lighthearted manner.

“I Bleed Blue”

Diehard Boise State Fan. Boise State University is a huge part of the state and their colors are blue and orange; therefore die hard fans bleed blue.


It’s a crick (not creek) and locals will defend this pronunciation to the death! “I was fishing at my favorite crick…”


Probably. “I’ll prolly go to the game this weekend, are you?”

Jockey Box

Glove compartment. If you’re a true Idahoan, you call it a jockey box. Otherwise, you might know it as the glove box or glove compartment. “Can you hand me my gloves from the jockey box?”

Tater Tot

A term of endearment for someone from Idaho, referencing the beloved potato dish.


SUV. “A ‘rig’ is the word for basically any personal vehicle larger than a sedan, especially a large truck or SUV.”


A friendly term for a fellow Idahoan, emphasizing camaraderie and community.

Ice Wine

Made a lot in Idaho, ice wine is made from grapes that have frozen on the vine. With the craziness of Mother Nature a frost could happen in July.

Carrot Slapper

Person from Utah. South East Idaho slang for a person(s) from Utah, i.e. Salt Lake City.

Road Soda

An alcoholic beverage that is being consumed in a vehicle.

Sun Valley Smile

A relaxed and content expression, reflecting the easygoing lifestyle associated with the Sun Valley area.

Spuddy Buddy

A close friend or companion, with a playful nod to the state’s potato heritage.

Potato Drop

Refers to the annual New Year’s Eve event in Boise, where a giant illuminated potato is lowered in lieu of a traditional ball drop.

Huckleberry Friend

A genuine and dependable friend, named after the state’s native huckleberries.

Fry Sauce

A popular condiment in Idaho, a mix of ketchup and mayonnaise often used for dipping fries.

Pocatello Polka

A light-hearted dance that reflects the joy and spirit of Pocatello, Idaho.

Spud Bud

A term of friendship, symbolizing the bond between Idahoans and their cherished potatoes.

Boise Bounce

The lively and energetic atmosphere of Boise, often associated with its vibrant arts and culture scene.

Gem State Grin

A friendly and welcoming smile, representing the warmth and hospitality of Idahoans.

Hells Canyon Hootenanny

A lively and entertaining gathering, drawing inspiration from the deep Hells Canyon in Idaho.

Hokey Idaho

A humorous term for something quirky or offbeat, showcasing Idaho’s unique charm.

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