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5 Romantic Restaurants in Chicago You Must Visit on a Special Date



Across the country, Chicago, Illinois is known as a top contender among famous food cities. Well, known heavy hitters include upscale bistros, savory steak houses, and modern restaurant concepts offering experiential dining, many of which make the perfect choice for a romantic date. When considering what makes a restaurant a romantic spot, we think of warm lighting, close seating and enough quiet to converse with your date all night. The romantic restaurants in Chicago on this list will not let diners on a special date down.  

1. Geja’s Cafe


Fondue was a well-loved addition to restaurant menus in the 1970s, but today there are a handful of vintage-inspired restaurants that still offer this classic dish. Geja’s Cafe is a fondue restaurant that features indulgent decor and perfectly dim lighting that makes it the ultimate choice in Chicago for romantic dining. Having fondue on a date is a great way to get up close to that special someone to dip your savory and sweet bites.

2. Balena


Dining at Balena feels like taking a trip to Italy. From the delicious menu to the Mediterranean inspired decor, you and your date will surely feel like you have been transplanted from Chicago to Italy in an instant. Balena has an extensive menu, including a family-style portion of the menu, but not exclusively. A romantic date at Balena might be leaning in and sharing a couple of family style dishes. As you would imagine, they also have an impressive wine selection and some decadent desserts. Balena is by far one of the most romantic restaurants in Chicago.

3. Band Of Bohemia


Band Of Bohemia is a recent addition to the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago, an emerging area for food and drinks on the north side. They call themselves a culinary brewhouse, which is a fitting title because of their upscale food offerings, tasty cocktails, and beers made in house. First-time guests should consider ordering a flight of their current beers on tap. The cozy, indulgent decor makes it a romantic choice for couples going on a date. The large, dramatic curtains make diners feel like they are tucked away in this decadent restaurant.

4. The Signature Room


The Signature Room lands itself on the list after list because of its one of a kind views. Located on the 95th floor of the historic John Hancock Tower, there is really nothing else like it in Illinois. Diners can enjoy a delicious menu, as well as a dreamy perspective of downtown Chicago. The Signature Room is something special at any time of day. But consider stopping in after sundown for a romantic evening. After dinner is over, visitors can head upstairs to the 96th floor to enjoy cocktails in the lounge, that is if you can find a seat at this popular late night spot.

5. Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf

Bavette's Chicago
Bavette’s Chicago

Bavette’s is a super cozy spot for romantic dining located in Chicago, Illinois. They are best known for their delicious steaks and an upscale menu that also offers fresh oysters and salmon. What makes Bavette’s such a unique and romantic date option is its oversized red leather booths and dim lighting. Diners will also enjoy their cocktail menu that includes a tasty champagne cocktail and classics like a mint julep or negroni.