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8 Jaw-Dropping Images of Illinois to Get You Through Your Week




From lively farmland to lush forests, Illinois is home to endless scenic offerings that when paired with a photographer can be captured and shared. The Chicago Skyline is particularly breathtaking and is captured in so many unique ways throughout this list. Many other images of Illinois on this list showcase the natural beauty the state is beloved for.

1. View From The Nature Boardwalk, Lincoln Park

Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood is home to many beloved tourist attractions like the Lincoln Park Zoo or the Nature Museum. The nature boardwalk is a lovely recreational trail that offers intriguing views of Downtown Chicago.

2. Lake Michigan Sunrise, Chicago

This beautiful photograph of the Chicago skyline was taken from the north side, showcasing the view of tall buildings that taper out as they approach Lake Michigan. The far north side is home to some wonderful beach areas on Lake Michigan. These beaches give visitors a scenic backdrop to their summer recreation, including skyscrapers and the downtown lights.

3. Illinois Farmland

Illinois is so unique because, throughout its expansive area, there are many types of landscapes within the state. Illinois features urban Chicago, lush forests, like that of Starved Rock State Park, and of course the iconic yellow and green farmland like that shown in the photo. The rows and rows of plants are so vast that it almost seems unreal.

4. Illinois Forest During Fall

Driving around Illinois is an absolute must for those that live there. For travelers passing through, consider planning some of your trip around the scenic routes. Your experience will be enjoyable regardless of the season, but the Illinois forest is truly captivating in fall after the leaves have changed color. There are few other states that can compete with images of Illinois during the fall.

5. Lake Michigan Beach

Lake Michigan is home to a number of beaches across multiple states. Michigan is well known for its beaches and next in line, of course, is Illinois, with its occasional hidden gem like that featured in the photo. At first glance, it is hard not to imagine yourself on tropical sands somewhere outside of the midwest.

6. City Skyline From The Beach

This lovely photo of the Chicago Skyline showcases the beautiful light that radiates after the sun has gone down in Downtown Chicago. The photo was taken at the well known Oak Street Beach area, just steps away from the Magnificent Mile, and only empty like this during summer in the late evenings.

7. Illinois Forest Foliage

This photo features summer foliage in the forest within Starved Rock State Park. It is just a small glimpse of the natural life housed within the park’s expansive grounds. Those that visit the park can experience hiking, fishing, boating, waterfalls, and picnic grounds. Take a look at this photo if you need a momentary vacation.

8. Polar Vortex, Chicago

With all the fair-weather photos of beaches and parks on this list, it might be easy to forget about the season Chicago is best known for, winter! This photo was taken during an extreme snowstorm in 2014. This photographer braved the freezing cold to venture over near Lake Michigan to take photos.

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