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6 Perfect Places for Swimming in Illinois



For those that do not live in the midwest, they might only attribute Illinois for its vast farmland or perhaps the well known urban landscape of cities like Chicago. But in between the two lives some beautiful forests, state parks, and other areas of natural beauty. Warm months are few in Illinois, but during the late spring and throughout summer, there are great Illinois swimming spots that are fun and will keep you cool. So, peruse this list of the best Illinois swimming spots (outside of the lakeside beaches).

1. Shawnee National Forest

The Bell Smith Springs swimming hole is a frequently visited summer spot for travelers and locals looking to cool off and experience some of the best natural elements in Illinois. This swimming hole is located within the Shawnee National Forest Preserve, offering visitors a plethora of activities outside of just swimming. An ideal weekend trip, visitors can hike through trails, camp, fish and of course swim in this lively swimming hole.

2. Rend Lake

Another Southern Illinois favorite, Rend Lake is a popular destination for all sorts of outdoor activities for adults or families alike. Swimming at Rend Lake offers a one of a kind view of the vast lake. This would be another great spot for a short, inexpensive vacation in the midwest as the area surrounding the lake also offers boating and fishing, walking and bike trails, and a large campground area for those looking to set up a tent or park their RV.

3. Centennial Beach

Centennial Beach is not exactly a beach in the traditional sense. But it is very much a favorite Illinois swimming location for locals and travelers. Centennial Beach is located within the Naperville Park District, and is among many popular spots for tourists including springboard diving, sand volleyball, and even a water slide, making it an ideal location for plenty of water-focused fun.

4. Kinkaid Lake Spillway

This is one of the most beautiful swimming holes on this list. It features a small, bubbling waterfall that leads into the swimming area. Just one visit to the Kincaid Lake Spillway will prove just why locals and travelers return again and again. Just like the others on this list, the general area of the swimming location also features fun activities like camping, fishing, and hiking.

5. Lake Le-Aqua-Na

This swimming hole is on a much smaller property than many others on the list. But for its size, it offers visitors plenty. Those looking for an outdoor adventure will enjoy their visit to Lake Le-Aqua-Na. Like the others on the list, this lake offers plenty of recreational activities for traveling families.

6. Fish Lake Beach

Fish Lake Beach in Volo, Illinois has some of the most beautiful, scenic views of all the swimming locations on this list. The large lake is surrounded by majestic trees and plants. It offers visitors much more than just a place to swim and cool off. The lake is also home to fishing, as one would assume based on the name, as well as boating and camping.