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15 Best Things to Do in Kentucky




Go on an unforgettable trip by trying the best things to do in Kentucky! The Bluegrass State is home to many scenic pastures, as well as interesting destinations and museums. You see, this place is not just for bourbons and horses.

1. Learn More About the Biblical History in the Creation Museum

Creation Museum
Source: Ark Encounter | Northwoods Church

See the biblical stories come to life at the Ark Encounter. This 75,000-square-foot museum is a remarkable feat of alternative history! There’s more than enough to see and do because they also display fossils, holograms, and animatronic dinosaurs and people. Workshops and events are also hosted from time to time.

2. Get a Peaceful Retreat at a Cabin in Daniel Boone National Forest

Daniel Boone National Forest Cabin
Source: Linda’s Cabin | Airbnb

Some people don’t have the feel of camping out in the woods. If you are one of those people, then try the cabins in Daniel Boone National Forest. You can find one that’s nestled in a quiet spot so you can enjoy a peaceful retreat. Overall, this destination is good for adventurers, families, friends, and couples!

3. Relax as You Watch the Cumberland Falls

Cumberland Falls
Source: Cumberland Falls | Wikimedia Commons/Aaron Vowels

Do you want to explore the world one waterfall at a time? Then, visiting Cumberland Falls is certainly one of the best things to do in Kentucky! This waterfall resembles the Horseshoe Falls section of Niagara Falls, so much so that people start calling this the Niagara of the South. Be careful, though. No one is allowed to swim or wade in the water.

Tip: Go here at around mid-morning and you might just catch a beautiful appearing in front of the base of the falls.

4. Celebrate Christmas at the Louisville Zoo

Christmas at the zoo? This seems like a no-no. But if you’re spending it in Louisville Zoo, you may just reconsider. The place hosts some of the best and most magical events such as “A Wizard’s Christmas.” This event is inspired by themes from “Lord of the Rings,” “Percy Jackson,” and “Harry Potter.” There are even banquet meals and magical theater performances!

5. Ride an Underground Zip Line at the Louisville Mega Cavern

Louisville Mega Cavern
Source: Louisville Mega Cavern | News-Herald

The Louisville Mega Cavern is recognized for being the world’s only fully underground zip lines! Both kids and adults can enjoy the adrenaline-fueled adventure, as well as the underground rope challenge course. Do you fancy a historical tour? Then hop on the mega tram to learn more about the cavern! You can never run out of fun and exciting activities to try in this thrilling destination!

6. Explore the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National
Source: Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National | Wikimedia Commons

Honor the humble beginnings of the greatest and most influential President of the United States by visiting the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park! You can check out the Lincoln Memorial, the symbolic birth cabin, and the Sinking Spring (water source).

7. Check out Sweet Rides at the National Corvette Museum

National Corvette Museum
Source: National Corvette Museum

The Corvette is widely known as “America’s Sports Car,” and has already become synonymous with freedom, adventure, and luxury. If you are a car enthusiast, then you know this is undoubtedly one of the best automotive museums in the world, with one-of-a-kind prototypes, special editions, and classics all on display. Treat your inner sports car fanatic to nearly 70 Corvettes at the National Corvette Museum!

8. Drop the Muhammad Ali Center a Visit

Muhammad Ali Center
Source: Muhammad Ali Center | Go to Louisville

One of the best things to do in Kentucky is to journey into the heart of a champion. The Muhammad Ali Center is a three-level building filled with award-winning exhibits, story booths, and galleries, all dedicated to the life and legacy of Muhammad Ali. We’re sure this beautiful place will remind you of the greatest boxer’s words, “…the man who has no imagination has no wings.”

9. Eat Lots of Derby Pie

You cannot leave Kentucky without first trying the Derby Pie! This sweet treat, which is a choco-chip pecan cookie in a pie crust, is traditionally served at the Kentucky Derby.

Want to take a bite out of this pie? Check out these places:

  • Kern’s Kitchen
  • The Brown Hotel
  • WW Cousins
  • Derby Cafe
  • Homemade Ice Cream & Pie Kitchen
  • Please & Thank You

10. Enjoy Nature at Fountain Square Park

Source: Fountain Square Park | Visit BGKY

Any Kentucky visitor would want to stay in this enchanting green space just to watch the world go by. The park renovations have just been completed and you’ll appreciate the wider sidewalks, new pavers, and bigger parking space. Now is the time to go!

11. Eat the Original KFC at Harland Sanders Cafe and Museum

Harland Sanders Cafe and Museum
Source: Barrel-o-Chicken at the Harland Sanders Cafe and Museum | Changes in Longitude

Can you just imagine where Colonel Sanders developed his famous and oh-so-secret “11 herbs and spices?” KFC’s original location in Corbin, Kentucky – from 1940 to 1956 – is now the Harland Sanders Café and Museum. Stroll around the museum for a bit and check the memorabilia before tasting the KFC chicken!

12. Check-In at the Kentucky Castle

Kentucky Castle
Source: The Kentucky Castle

Sometimes, you need to treat yourself and experience royalty as if you’ve always been one. Book a room at Kentucky’s luxury boutique hotel and feel like a Disney princess in one, magical film.

13. Go on a Gastronomic Adventure at Proof on Main

Proof on Main Bison Burger
Source: Bison Burger | Voice-Tribune

A favorite of locals and visitors, Proof on Main continues to delight many with its imaginative cuisine and local ingredients. The place also features 120+ Kentucky bourbons so you’re sure to have a good time! Some of the most favorite dishes of its customers are Bison Burger, Charred Octopus, Roasted Bones, Beet Salad, Hog Chop, and Whipped Ricotta.

14. Taste Louisville’s Yummiest Ice Cream at The Comfy Cow

The Comfy Cow
Source: The Comfy Cow

Trying a crazy good ice cream is definitely one of the best things to do in Kentucky! Try The Comfy Cow’s best-selling ice cream flavors, or some of its seasonal flavors, should you have the chance!

15. Ride a Bumper Car at the Forgotten Past Amusement Park

Forgotten Past Amusement Park
Source: Train Rides at the Forgotten Past Amusement Park | Kentucky Tourism

While the name of the place sounds a bit dark and creepy, you’ll find Forgotten Past Amusement Park a fun place to take your kids to! Ride a bumper car or go-carts, before exploring the museum and gift shop! Explore every avenue there is to explore in Kentucky!

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