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8 of the Most Beautiful Places to See in Michigan



Known for its many names, The Great Lake State, The Mitten State, and the Wolverine State, Michigan is one of the most beautiful places in the United States. Having the most shoreline of any other state and loaded with exciting things to do, you will surely find a perfect spot for you here. Check out the list of the most beautiful places to see in Michigan:

1. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Michigan
Photo Credits: Flickr | Doc Gibson

This natural wonder is a pride of all the people in Michigan. One of the well-known features of this beauty is the sand dunes lying on top of the glacial moraines. These dunes offer an overlooking view of the Pyramid Point, Empire, and Sleeping Bear. With the 65-mile shoreline of Michigan, one can enjoy the view of the sparkling turquoise waters while breathing the chilly air in the surroundings. Not only does it offers an amazing sight, but this National landmark is a diverse ecosystem that gives us the opportunity to learn more about our environment and how to further preserve it.

2. Miners Falls, Munising

Miners Falls, Munising, Michigan
Photo Credits: Flickr | Vivek Marni

Scattered across the Upper Peninsula, Miners Falls stands at 40 ft tall. This hidden gem is in the well-preserved area of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and has been taken care of by the National Park System. One may see this beauty by taking a roughly 1-mile hike on mostly flat terrain with surrounding tall trees. We advise that you do pre-hike research should you wish to opt-out of a tour guide. Towards the end of the trail, you are to take a less than a hundred steps to reach the end. The small overlooking platform will give you a glimpse of the Miners Falls.

3. Arch Rock, Mackinac Island

This famous rock formation on Mackinac Island is one of the state’s most-visited geological landmarks. It is said to rise at over a hundred and fifty feet above the water and covers about fifty feet wide. A rare natural rock formation was formed by thousands of years of wind and water splashing through the rocks leaving only the rock that in turn formed the arch. You have quite a few options to get here. Starting by riding a ferry to the car-free island then choosing between walking, biking, or being drawn by a horse in a carriage. Either way, you will still get to experience this scenic route. Yearly, Arch rock draws in thousands of visitors who want to witness this natural limestone beauty.

4. Torch Lake, Antrim County

Torch Lake, Antrim County, Michigan
Photo Credits: Trover

A popular summer destination, Torch lake offers you its sandbar with clear blue waters with powdery-fine sand. One popular attraction here is their water sports where people often come to do canoeing, fishing, diving and even hiking. At over 20 miles long, Torch Lake is considered as Michigan’s longest inland lake. It also has access to neighboring towns where you can check out and enjoy the local shops and restaurants. Often compared to the Caribbean, this place deserves to be in the most beautiful places in Massachusetts.

5. Turnip Rock, Port Austin

Turnip Rock, Port Austin, Michigan
Photo Credits: Flickr | Tom Clark

This massive rock formation is a result of thousands of years of waves splashing against it. Turnip rock upon its separation from the mainland in the olden days has grown into an island filled with some trees, squirrels, and not so much else. Getting there is possible with the use of kayaks, you may rent or bring your own. It’s about less than 10 miles for a round trip from the Port Austin to Turnip rock and back. Not a lot of people visit this attraction since the lands surrounding the are privately owned but you can always get in touch with the trusted locals in the area.

6. The Mackinac Bridge

This over 7,000 feet long suspended bridge is one of Michigan’s popular landmarks. At approximately 5 miles, it connects the Upper Peninsula to the Lower Peninsula. Driving along the bridge can truly relax you because of the outstanding views outside and over the horizon.

Designed by one of America’s greatest in the field of Engineering, David B. Steinmann, the bridge has gained its nickname as the “Mighty Mac” or the “Big Mac” because of how far it reaches. It has also been considered as the fourth-longest suspension bridge in the world.

If you happen to be in Michigan during the Labor day, make sure to visit and join the annual Mackinac Bridge Walk.

7. Frankfort North Breakwater Lighthouse

Frankfort North Breakwater Lighthouse, Michigan
Photo Credits: TMAHLMANN

You can locate this square pyramidal lighthouse just on the outer end of the north breakwater and is the entrance to Frankfort Harbor. Built in the 1900s, it’s now one of the most beautiful places to see in Michigan. It stands tall at 67 ft with its light that spans up to over 16 nautical miles. It has become a popular destination for people who would like to see a great view of the sunset. Locals and visitors alike can enjoy the view of the vast seas while fishing off the pier. There are also public areas for recreation on the beach nearby.

8. Inspiration Point, Arcadia

Inspiration Point, Arcadia, Michigan
Photo Credits: Trover

Inspiration Point lies just outside of Arcadia, a perfect place to appreciate the beauty of Lake Michigan. Also known to the locals as the Arcadia Overlook, spending even just a few minutes in this place will make you feel refreshed. You can either admire the view from the parking lot or climb up the 100 plus steps. The climb is a steep one, but we guarantee the view to be worth it. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you may try a trail off the main track and feel like a real local.

Just be careful to watch where you step because it follows the cliff. This overlooking area offers beautiful and varying views of Lake Michigan as time passes by. If it’s a windy day, it might be easy to spot the white caps of the Lake. Regardless of the time though, this breathtaking spot deserves to be on the list of the most beautiful places to see in Michigan.

From rock formations to water sports, Michigan will be sure to accommodate you. So what are you waiting for? Get those kayaks ready and enjoy the most beautiful places to see in Michigan!