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10 Things Only People from Missouri Understand




Missouri, known as the ‘Show Me State,’ boasts a rich tapestry of experiences and traditions that resonate deeply with its residents. In this blog post, we’ll explore 10 things that only people from Missouri truly understand, from navigating the storied rivalry between Mizzou and KU to savoring the unique flavors of St. Louis-style BBQ and embracing the beauty of the Ozark Mountains. Whether cheering on the Cardinals at Busch Stadium or exploring the historic sites along the Missouri River, Missourians share a special bond forged by their shared experiences and pride in their beloved state

Navigating the Missouri-Kansas Rivalry

Missourians understand the longstanding sports rivalry between the University of Missouri Tigers and the University of Kansas Jayhawks. From intense basketball matchups to heated debates over border war history, Missourians have a deep-rooted passion for their teams and the rivalry they represent.

Embracing the Gateway Arch

Missourians take pride in the Gateway Arch, an iconic symbol of St. Louis and the nation’s westward expansion. From marveling at its towering height to riding the tram to the top for panoramic views of the city and the Mississippi River, Missourians understand the significance of the Arch in their state’s history and identity.

Savoring St. Louis-style BBQ

Missourians appreciate the unique flavors of St. Louis-style barbecue, characterized by tangy-sweet sauce and slow-smoked meats like pork spare ribs and beef brisket. From visiting renowned barbecue joints like Pappy’s Smokehouse and Bogart’s Smokehouse to hosting backyard cookouts with family and friends, Missourians know how to savor the mouthwatering taste of their hometown BBQ.

Navigating the Ozark Mountains

Missourians understand the beauty and rugged terrain of the Ozark Mountains, a scenic region known for its rolling hills, clear streams, and dense forests. From hiking along picturesque trails to floating down winding rivers and exploring underground caves, Missourians appreciate the outdoor recreational opportunities that the Ozarks have to offer.

Enduring the Unpredictable Weather

Missourians are accustomed to the unpredictable weather patterns that can range from scorching summers to frigid winters and severe storms year-round. From monitoring weather alerts and seeking shelter during tornado warnings to adapting outdoor plans based on sudden changes in forecast, Missourians know how to stay vigilant and prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws their way.

Cheering for the Cardinals

Missourians are die-hard fans of the St. Louis Cardinals, a Major League Baseball team with a storied history and passionate fan base. From attending games at Busch Stadium to proudly wearing Cardinal red and following the team’s ups and downs throughout the season, Missourians understand the excitement and camaraderie that come with being part of Cardinal Nation.

Appreciating the Beauty of Missouri’s State Parks

Missourians understand the value of preserving and protecting their state’s natural beauty, as evidenced by the diverse array of state parks scattered across the landscape. From camping in the Ozarks to hiking through the rugged terrain of the Mark Twain National Forest and exploring historic sites like the Battle of Wilson’s Creek, Missourians appreciate the opportunity to connect with nature and explore their state’s rich heritage.

Navigating the Missouri River

Missourians have a deep connection to the Missouri River, the longest river in North America and a vital lifeline for commerce, transportation, and recreation. From boating and fishing on its waters to exploring its scenic bluffs and historic river towns, Missourians understand the significance of the Missouri River in shaping their state’s geography and history.

Honoring the Legacy of Mark Twain

Missourians take pride in the legacy of Mark Twain, one of America’s most celebrated authors and a native son of Missouri. From visiting Twain’s boyhood home in Hannibal to exploring the settings and characters of his iconic novels like “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” Missourians appreciate the literary heritage that Twain left behind.

Embracing Small-Town Charm

Missourians understand the charm and hospitality of the state’s small towns, where tight-knit communities come together to celebrate local traditions and events. From attending county fairs and festivals to supporting mom-and-pop shops and diners, Missourians appreciate the sense of community and belonging that small-town life provides.

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