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New Mexico

10 Photos Only People from New Mexico Will Understand



Howdy, fellow New Mexicans and enchantment seekers! Get ready to embark on a journey through the Land of Enchantment like no other as we dive into the quirks and charms that only us desert dwellers truly get. From savoring the spicy bliss of Hatch green chile to mastering the art of high-altitude baking, join us as we uncover 10 things that make being from New Mexico an adventure unlike any other! 🌶️🌵✨

Green Chile Obsession


Embracing the obsession with green chile, whether it’s smothered on burritos, added to cheeseburgers, or infused into everything from stew to chocolate, and understanding that it’s not just a condiment but a way of life.

Breaking Bad Territory

Feeling a sense of pride (and occasional frustration) at being associated with the iconic TV show “Breaking Bad,” which was set and filmed in Albuquerque, and navigating the influx of tourists seeking out filming locations.

Balloon Fiesta Mania


Experiencing the excitement and chaos of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, the largest hot air balloon festival in the world, and understanding that for one magical week in October, the sky becomes a canvas of colorful shapes and patterns.

Adobe Architecture Aesthetics


Appreciating the beauty and history of New Mexico’s adobe architecture, with its earthy tones and curved lines, and understanding the practicality of building homes that stay cool in the desert heat.

Land of Enchantment Lore

Shiprock New Mexico

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Feeling a deep connection to the state’s nickname, the “Land of Enchantment,” and understanding that it’s not just a slogan but a reflection of the diverse landscapes, rich culture, and mystical allure that make New Mexico truly special.

Breaking Bread at Pueblo Feast Days


Participating in or attending traditional Pueblo feast days, where communities come together to celebrate their culture through dances, ceremonies, and sharing of food, and understanding the significance of preserving these ancient traditions.

High Desert Hiking Hues


Exploring the unique beauty of New Mexico’s high desert landscapes, from the vibrant red rocks of the Jemez Mountains to the otherworldly terrain of White Sands National Park, and understanding that every hike is a journey through a living masterpiece.

Sopaipilla Satisfaction

Indulging in the delight of fresh, warm sopaipillas drizzled with honey, and understanding that these fluffy pillows of fried dough are more than just a dessert—they’re a symbol of comfort and tradition.

Route 66 Nostalgia


Feeling a sense of nostalgia and pride in being part of the historic Route 66 corridor, with its quirky roadside attractions, retro diners, and vintage motels that harken back to a bygone era of American road trips.

Roswell Extraterrestrial Fascination

International UFO Museum and Research Center New mexico destinations you should go to

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Navigating the fascination (and occasional skepticism) surrounding the Roswell UFO incident, and understanding that whether you believe in aliens or not, it’s all part of the quirky charm of New Mexico’s history and culture.

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