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New Mexico

Here Are 3 Restaurants To Eat Mouthwatering New Mexico Tacos



New Mexican food is insanely good! They mix together traditional ingredients of Mexican food but then add their own twist. In my opinion, what New Mexico has done for Mexican food, is by far the greatest mix of culinary culture. New Mexico brought us the delicious sopapilla, the proper rolled enchilada and the amazing and legendary chimichanga. That being said however, New Mexico also excels in creating the most delicious tacos you will ever eat! Here are 3 of the absolute best restaurants to eat mouthwateringly delicious tacos in New Mexico.

1. Tacos Mex Y Mariscos – Albuquerque

Tacos Mex Y Mariscos - Albuquerque
Tacos Mex Y Mariscos – Albuquerque

$.99 New Mexico cent tacos! That price alone makes it worth it. But what you might not expect at such a reasonable price is arguably the best tasting taco in the country (perhaps even the world). Their al pastor taco is simply to die for!

2. El Parasol – Santa Fe

El Parasol - Santa Fe
El Parasol – Santa Fe

Since opening in 1958, El Parasol has been serving great American food like burgers and fries. However, they do serve three different kinds of tacos (chicken, ground beef and shredded beef). The taco shells are deep-fried, the shredded beef is boiled until it splits apart in shreds and then mixed with a secret sauce. El Parasol is definitely a place to get a uniquely exclusive New Mexican taco you can’t get anywhere else.

3. Mary and Tito’s Café – Albuquerque

Mary and Tito's Cafe - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Mary and Tito’s Cafe – Albuquerque, New Mexico

The secret to Mary and Tito’s success is the carne adovada. It’s a James Award-Winning restaurant due to this amazingly delicious taco. Opening in 1963, Mary and Tito started serving the carne adovada and have never looked back since. The restaurant’s popularity took off and to this day it is still revered by many. Authentic New Mexico tacos at their finest indeed. They couldn’t do it without red chile, which is the prime ingredient in the taco. On a fresh corn tortilla covered with slow-baked pork and topped with cheese and their secret red chile-based sauce, the carne adovada is a taco to die for!

For what it’s worth, the Southwest is the best and only place to eat Mexican-American food. No one else even comes close!

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