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This One-of-a-Kind and Immersive Spot in New Mexico Makes Other Art Exhibits Look Plain and Normal

Suny Errot



Some experiences just can’t be put into words. That is exactly what you should expect when you visit Meow Wolf, one of the coolest and most mind-blowing places you can ever visit in New Mexico. If you think we are exaggerating, just wait ’til you see all the immersive art installations.

Meow Wolf Literally Makes Other Exhibits Look Plain and Normal

Meow Wolf nm

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Have you always wondered what an imaginative child’s mind looks like? It’s probably safe to say that it pretty much looks like this! Meow Wolf is a famous arts and entertainment company founded in 2008 that creates large-scale immersive art installations. They also produce arts and music festivals, music videos, and streaming entertainment. Meow Wolf in Santa Fe is a family-friendly destination that will really delight you. Coming here will be a dream come true with the interesting multimedia elements, fun art, and a mysterious narrative throughout.

Meow Wolf spaceship

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Many visitors claim that this is the coolest place in the Southwest and we couldn’t agree more. You can stay for more than 4 hours and still want to stay for longer. There is so much to see because everywhere you look is visually stimulating. In fact, even the way to the bathroom looks cool!

Just imagine all the time, effort, and creative minds combined just to build this huge masterpiece. The place screams excellence with its beautiful story-telling, fantasy, sci-fi, and some elements of math or science that compels all types of audience.

The Place Looks Like a Normal House

The Seligs are the fictitious family whose bizarre saga makes up the House of Eternal Return story. You pretty much know what’s next – their story is featured at the Meow Wolf Art Complex.

First, you will enter the exhibit and see a Victorian house set in Mendocino, California. It is open so you are free to check out the porch or front door. But the tip is to really look around and read the letters in the mailbox.

Don’t be afraid of exploration. The curious are very much welcome here! Plus, the Seligs don’t seem to mind what you’re doing. Just keep an open mind because everything isn’t exactly what it appears to be. You can step out of a refrigerator or a laundry machine, or enter large appliances that will take you to different adventures. One moment you are crawling through a fireplace, and in the end, you’ll be inside an aquarium.

The House of Eternal Return is just a beautiful experience that combines storytelling and immersive art. If it’s your first time here, you will be both in shock and awe because there is so much to take in. You really have to experience everything because the installations aren’t just there to look at.

The Creativity Is Simply Mind-Blowing and Every Corner Has Something Different

Comic land meow wolf

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Guests will have the time of their lives walking through this interactive art museum, or solving the mystery that is scattered throughout. There is a deep puzzle of a family that suddenly went missing. You can take on the mission to search the different areas to solve the puzzles and get more clues. Guests may also opt not to partake in the storyline if they prefer to just go around and appreciate the immersive museum.

After all, you will be entering a world filled with magic and wonder. That’s not all. There is also a touch of mystery, horror, and love of art. You can also experience a story and watch some videos to really go deep into the story.

treehouse meow wolf

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Don’t you just wish you can chill in the witch forest treehouse of your dreams? It’s simply stunning!

meow wolf walkway nm

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Expect neon lights and fun times.

art installation

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This is just one of the interesting things you can find inside Meow Wolf. Whew. Eat the rich.

Candies meow wolf santa fe

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We hope the time is near when we can just take in all the sweetness of this room.

trippy bathroom

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Imagine if you have a trippy (but hopefully not dirty) bathroom in your home.

psychic reading vending machine

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Fancy a reading? Look for the vending machine psychic inside Meow Wolf!

Refrigerator Narnia art

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We hope there is a refrigerator that can just transport us to a food wonderland.

Over 200 People Banded Together to Construct the House of Eternal Return at Meow Wolf

That’s right. You can already see that this place is no ordinary destination. It took more than 200 people to build the House of Eternal Return. All the creative individuals gathered and combined their minds to produce the best narrative content. Many architects and designers were also enlisted to convert the large 20,000 square feet of space into the best New Mexico interactive museum ever.

There were also electricians, engineers, carpenters, and many more who worked to bring the ideas to life. Kudos to all of them.

Unfortunately, This Magical World Is Still Temporarily Closed

Meow Wolf spider installation

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As you very well know, the pandemic forced many businesses to stay closed to contain the spread of the virus. Meow Wolf is currently closed and tickets are not on sale. This is the best decision to also help keep the citizens healthy and safe,

However, you should know that while the interactive museum still hasn’t set an exact date for its reopening, its representatives say that they are actively working on setting protocols. That way, your next (or first) visit will be safe and enjoyable! All their decisions are also being collaborated with the local health officials and other state and local authorities.

Expect to Find New Installations – Just Like This One!

Trash temple

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Meow Wolf is also installing new upgrades to their exhibit at the time being. Once they are back, you can expect their new amazing installations from guest artists such as Obsidiopolis, Paolo Puck, and Corrine Loperfido. That’s definitely a lot of things you can look forward to when you’re back. There is new art to see and explore.

Take this beautiful installation for instance.

Recycled Art

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The Trash Temple is the newest addition to Meow Wolf Santa Fe. It is made out of things that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill. The installation features 5 tv screens of video art, a cd, and flat soda can ceiling, and a bottle cap mosaic floor.

Bottle Caps Art

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It took 5 people two weeks to finish the amazing mosaic floor. You will also be amazed when you look at the gazebo made from reclaimed spindles, and a throne made from an old headboard. We dare you to count all the plastic beverage lids in this Trash Temple!

Meow Wolf Details

Meow Wolf Regular Hours: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm from Sunday to Thursday; and 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on Friday and Saturday. The place is closed on Tuesdays

Location: 1352 Rufina Cir Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507

Contact No: 505 395 6369

Website: https://meowwolf.com/

Don’t you just want to escape to this stunning wonderland?

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